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Chimiver Velurex Re-Pair Lack | Wood Floor Polish

  • Innovative high gloss wood floor polish and wood floor restorer from Chimiver

  • 100% polyurethane resins known for providing very durable anti-scratch finish

  • Compatible with all water based or solvent based lacquered | varnished floors

  • Incredibly easy to apply, no special tools required, no training required to use it

  • It will over glaze the wood surface with a high gloss new coat of durable finish

  • Fume free, non yellowing, quick drying, high coverage area, very well priced

  • Highly recommended for high traffic commercial wood floors and wood surfaces

  • It will fully dry with 2 hours | Estimated coverage area 20-50 sq meters per 1L

  • Suitable for indoor use only | It responds very well to polishing and burnishing

  • Superior resistance to black marks, general spills, high heels and chemicals

  • One of the most durable water based floor polishes

  • To be applied over a clean, dry and residue free surface | 1-2 coats recommended

Chimiver Velurex Re-Pair Lack | Wood Floor Polish | Why Use It

Refinishing wood floors is not cheap. Most people that are considering sanding and refinishing a wood floor are only doing it because the surface has lost sheen and looks patchy. This is exactly where the new Chimiver Velurex Re-Pair Lack | Wood Floor Polish works the best. The product levels up imperfections, reglazes and restores old wooden floors in a matter of minutes. The wood floor does not require sanding before being polished. The product is highly cost effective, affordable and very easy to use. If you have matt floors that are not up to your standards, seal it and glaze it with the new Chimiver Velurex Re-Pair Lack | Wood Floor Polish.

Chimiver Velurex Re-Pair Lack | Wood Floor Polish | Where To Use It

Using this product is as easy as washing the floor. You can use it on all wooden surfaces that were sealed with a water based or a solvent based floor lacquer. The product's main job is to restore and repair old and worn wooden floors without sanding. It can be used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces. Because this product is water based and contains no solvent, it can also be used to seal worktops or surfaces where food is being produced and prepared. A quick clean on the surface and then seal it with 1-2 coats of wood floor restorer. 

Chimiver Velurex Re-Pair Lack | Wood Floor Polish | How To Use It

To make sure that durable and flawless results are achieved, please make sure that the wood surface is spotless, dry and degreased. Then prepare for polishing it.

Step 1: Be sure you have enough wood floor polish to complete the whole job

Step 2: Using a flat mop head and a fine quality microfiber mop head, apply the first coat

Step 3: Move along with the fiber of the wood to create a streak free result

Step 4: Allow 1-2 hours to dry and assess the job (1 more coat can be done)

Step 5: Open the surface to normal traffic within 2 hours

Do not : use the product on an oiled wood floor

Do not : dilute the product

Do not : walk on the surface until fully dry

Do not : over polish the surface

To make sure that the sealer dries fast and streak free please work in a well ventilated area. Do not apply the second coat unless the first one  is fully dry. The product also works amazingly on lino floors, vinyl floors, marmoleum floors and generally all floors that require a good gloss level.

Chimiver Velurex Re-Pair Lack | Wood Floor Polish

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