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Carver Primol Wood Stain | Coloured Floor Oil

€49.19 Ex Tax: €39.99

Carver Primol Turbo / Professional Wood Stains / 1L

  • Solvent wood stain and wood floor primer from Carver

  • Suitable for treating all types of unsealed wood surfaces

  • Can be overcoated with any floor lacquer from Carver

  • 1L will cover about 30 sq meters and it will dry very fast

  • It enhances the natural look of the wood without glazing

  • To be applied with a cloth, brush, roller or oil applicator

  • Available in a wide variety of colours to fit all wood fibres

  • Deep penetrating, low odour, cost effective, unique looks

    ***all cloths and all pads used to stain the wood have to be soacked in water after the project was completed. Under the right conditions the cloths can overheat***

Carver Primol Turbo / Professional Wood Stains - Where to use

Carver Primol Turbo is a professional wood stain from Carver. The product is suitable for domestic and professional use. It can be used for enhancing and colouring pretty much all types of unsealed wooden surfaces. It was designed for interior use but it can be used as a tinter for exterior surfaces as well if it will be sealed with an exterior sealer. To be applied in 1 coat system over new or newly sanded surfaces. 1 L of Carver Primol Turbo will cover around 20-30 sq meters, depending on a few factors. It can be overcoated with a water based or a solvent based floor lacquer or Carver Greenol Plus.

Carver Primol Turbo / Professional Wood Stains - How to use

Before applying the wood stain to any wood surface, make sure that the wood surface is sealant free, clean & dry. Apply tiny amounts of wood stain going along the fibre of the wood. Allow the surface to absorb whatever it needs to look evenly coloured and remove the excess. It can be applied with a brush, roller, cloth or with a low speed floor buffer. Allow time to dry before overcoating with a sealer. 

Colours:  Cappuccino | Douglas | Light Grey | Dove Grey | Moisson | Neutral | Mansonia Walnut | Rigatino Walnut | Super White | Teak | Wenge 

***safely dispose of all the cloths and pads used to stain the wood. Spontaneous combustion can happen under the right conditions. This is the case with all oil based wood stains***

Commercial and domestic wood stains from Carver. Achieve unique finishes with the new Carver Primol Turbo. Top quality and unique wood stains compatible with all types of wooden surfaces.

Carver Primol Turbo / Professional Wood Stains 

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