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Carver Pulidek / Exterior Wood Floor Cleaner

  • Water based exterior deck and exterior wood floor cleaner from Carver

  • A ready to use formula highly recommended for cleaning wood decking

  • Remove years of accumulated dirt & will restore the natural look

  • Easy to use, highly efficient and suitable for commercial & domestic use

  • It restores the original look of the wood without affecting the wood fibre

  • The product is 100% safe, easy to use and it produces results instantly

  • If used correctly, it will save you the hassle of having to sand the decking

Carver Pulidek / Exterior Wood Floor Cleaner - Where to use

Carver Pulidek is a heavy duty, ready to use, water based exterior wood floor cleaner and wood decking restorer. The product's main job is to remove old patina, decking discolorations and all types of grey or dull patches from decking, fencing, garden furniture, frames, etc. To be used undiluted with a brush or some kind of applicator. The product will require 15 minutes of direct contact with the area to provide the desirable results. 

Carver Pulidek / Exterior Wood Floor Cleaner  - How to use

Using a brush or a long hair roller, apply the product abundantly to the affected area. Do not dilute the product and do not scrub or rinse for at least 15 minutes. 15 min later, you can use a deck stiff brush to scrub the surface. Repeat the operation if the desirable results are not achieved after 1 go. Rinse the deck with cold water to remove the residue. Very badly affected areas might require power washing after the treatment. Carver Pulidek / Exterior Wood Floor Cleaner will dissolve dirt and residue but in some extreme cases, a pressure washer might be needed to complete the job. Avoid using Carver Pulidek / Exterior Wood Floor Cleaner on sealed or painted surfaces. If a spillage happens by accident, rinse fast with cold water. 

Carver Pulidek / Exterior Wood Floor Cleaner 

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