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Chimiver Antislip Professional

  • Highly effective water based solution suitable for creating antislip 

  • Compatible with all highly polished natural & artificial stone floors

  • It does not alter the look of the floor and it does not glaze

  • Very easy to apply, long lasting results, it makes all floors safe

  • To be applied with a flat mop or a normal mop head | No rinsing

  • Manufactured from the finest quality eco-friendly materials

  • To be used on bathroom floors, kitchen floors, halls, office floors

  • 1L will cover around 30 to 50 sq meters depending on porosity

  • One of the most affordable and cost effective anti slip sealers

  • Compatible with all glossy residential floors | Food safe 100%

  • To be used only once in while to make very slippery floors safe

  • The bottle is made from recycled plastic and it can be recycled

Chimiver Antislip Professional | Why Use It

Slippery floors are a nightmare. Some very elegant types of floors that look amazing and are safe while dry, can become very slippery and a danger when wet. A few years back there was no other solution to make it safe, but then the market came up with some fancy products that have sorted out the issue. One of those products is the new Chimiver Antislip Professional. A low cost but highly effective anti slip protector compatible with all residential slippery floors and some light commercial floors. The product is 100% water based, non glazing and no training is required to apply it. So if you are on the market for a highly cost effective anti slip protector, then check out the new Chimiver Antislip Professional. Rented properties or public places can really benefit from this product. Making a slippery floor safe was never so easy. Hiring a professional company to do it for you can cost you alot of money. Now you can do it quickly and easily and at a fraction of the cost. 

Chimiver Antislip Professional | Where To Use It

The new Chimiver Antislip Professional is compatible with a wide range and types of floors. It can be safely used on all laminate floors, glossy wood floors, porcelain floors, ceramic floors, lino floors, terrazzo floors, natural stone floors, all artificial floors,etc. Amazing results can be achieved on all bathroom and kitchen floors.The product is 100% eco-friendly and easy to use. The product penetrates inside the floor and it fills up all micro pores with a rubbery product that creates grip. You do not need expensive tools or complicated training sessions. Besides that, the new Chimiver Antislip Professional is by far the cheapest anti slip sealer on the Irish market. While some anti slip sealers are better quality than this particular product, the price difference is huge. The only anti slip sealer you will ever need for all your residential floors.

Chimiver Antislip Professional | How To Use It

Wash the floor with a heavy duty floor cleaner compatible with your particular type of floor. Allow the surface to fully dry and proceed.

  1. In 5-10 L of clean water add 5 caps of the new Chimiver Antislip Professional

  2. Using a flat mopping system or a normal mop head, wet the surface

  3. The floor has to look wet but not over soaked

  4. Try to create as much ventilation as possible to speed up the drying process

  5. Within 1 hour after the initial washing the floor should be ready for traffic

  6. No rinsing is necessary

You will notice instantly that the floor has reduced its slippiness dramatically. The best test is to wet the floor and check out its level of sleepiness. A second treatment can be applied if necessary but one quick wash usually does the trick. The look of the floor will not change at all and there will be no glazing on the floor surface.

Chimiver Antislip Professional | Recommendations

Make sure to dilute the product before use. Do not use the product on a daily basis. Only dilute the product in clean water. Shake the bottle well before using it to make sure that its composition is uniform. Keep the product away from kids and direct sunlight. 

Chimiver Antislip Professional

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