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Chimiver ECOPRIME HS 120 | Clear Acrylic Two Pack Floor Primer

  • Two pack, colour free water based wood floor primer from Chimiver

  • It fully seals the wood, it fills up sanding imperfections, fills up pores

  • It creates a perfect smooth finish without an artificial overglazing

  • The primer can be overcoated with any water based floor lacquer

  • No fumes, non yellowing, eco-friendly, easy to use and quick drying

  • It will cover around 10 sq meters per 1L but it can vary dramatically

  • Highly recommended for the professional floor refinishing industry

  • The primer is sold in a 5L bottle plus 1L bottle of solvent hardener

  • If fully seals the surface in 1 coat only plus one coat of floor lacquer

  • It speeds up the floor refinishing project while reducing the costs

  • The estimated drying time for this wood primer is around 2 hours

Chimiver ECOPRIME HS 120 | Clear Acrylic Two Pack Floor Primer | Why Use It

Not using a primer before varnishing can cost the user extra because the surface will absorb much more lacquer than needed and it will deposit it deep inside the wood, it will increase the drying periods dramatically because the lacquer will get very deep inside the wood and the final result might not be as smooth. The new Chimiver ECOPRIME HS 120 | Clear Acrylic Two Pack Floor Primer is unlike any other wood floor primer out there. This two pack water based floor primer was specially designed for the wood floor refinishing trade to enable them to work faster, cheaper and more efficiently. One coat of the new Chimiver EVOPRIME HS 120 | Clear Acrylic Two Pack Floor Primer + 1 coat of the Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer has fully completed the refinishing process. 

  1. Less lacquer needed for the same project

  2. Smoother finish guaranteed

  3. 2 coats refinishing process

  4. Fume free water based primer

  5. 100% natural looking sealer

Chimiver ECOPRIME HS 120 | Clear Acrylic Two Pack Floor Primer| Where To Use It

Due to its high solid content and due to the fact that this product is a “two” pack floor primer, it is mostly suitable for sealing and protecting hardwood floors. It can be used as the main sealer for any unsealed wood surfaces. For the primer to fully work and do its magic, the wood surface has to be new or newly sanded. The primer has to fully penetrate the wood surface. Another great advantage is the fact that all in, the user will receive 6L of primer that can and will cover around 60 sq meter of wood assuming that the wood was refinished with 100-120 grit sanding paper.

Chimiver ECOPRIME HS 120 | Clear Acrylic Two Pack Floor Primer | How To Use

Surface preparation is essential so the user has to start by sanding the surface with all the sanding grits up to about 120 grit. Even brand new wood surfaces might require a light sanding before being primed. 

  1. Mix up the wood primer with the hardener, do not just throw in the hardener and hopefully it will work. In a varnishing bucket add the primer. Then while stirring slowly, apply the hardener to the composition. Do not mix more than needed for one application because from the moment the hardener is mixed up with the wood primer, the user has 2-4 hours to use it otherwise it will harden up inside the bucket. 

  2. Using a small varnishing brush apply a thick coat of wood primer around the edges and all to reach areas. Do not over soak the wood but remember to make sure that the whole surface is evenly wet.

  3. For the larger floor areas use a professional varnishing roller. While moving along with the fiber of the wood and not against it, apply one thick and even coat of wood primer all over the floor.

  4. Wait for the primer to dry. The actual drying time can increase or decrease dramatically based on the ventilation, temperature and the way the wood primer was applied. You need to hand touch the surface to make sure that it is fully dry before proceeding to the next steps. 

  5. Re-sand the whole surface one more time with fine quality 180 grit sanding discs or sanding screens. Vacuum well and apply 1 coat of two pack floor lacquer or two coats of a single pack floor lacquer. The job is completed.

Chimiver ECOPRIME HS 120 | Clear Acrylic Two Pack Floor Primer | Recommendation

Do not use the new Chimiver ECOPRIME HS 120 | Clear Acrylic Two Pack Floor Primer on wet, sealed or dirty surfaces. This is a clear wood primer and any imperfection that has existed prior to the application, will be still there after the application. Make sure to mix up the wood primer with the hardener before applying. Do not walk on the surface while wet. Do not mix up more products than needed. Do not touch any other surfaces that do not require priming. Work in a well ventilated area. Keep the product away from direct sunlight and children.

Chimiver ECOPRIME HS 120 | Clear Acrylic Two Pack Floor Primer

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