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Cleanfast Graffiti Remover

  • Professional solvent based graffiti remover (concentrated)
  • Suitable for removing graffiti from walls, bricks, concrete
  • Recommended for commercial and domestic graffiti removal
  • It will instantly remove spray paint, marker, solvent graffiti
  • Not to be used on solvent sensitive surfaces
  • This product is manufactured in Ireland
Cleanfast Graffiti Remover - Where to use
A professional solvent based graffiti remover, this product is highly efficient, works instantly and in 90% of the cases does not need repeat cleaning. You can use this product to remove most types of graffiti from brick walls, concrete walls, solvent resistant painted surfaces, steel and glass. Do not use this product on solvent sensitive surfaces. No special training is required to use Cleanfast Graffiti remover but a bit of common sense is necessary. This product is suitable for commercial and domestic graffiti removal operations.
Cleanfast Graffiti Remover - How to use
This is a ready to use graffiti remover and it requires no dilution. Spray the product directly onto the area and allow 30 min to work. Some light graffiti stains will react instantly but in areas with a few overcoating coats of graffiti, a bit of reacting time is required. The graffiti will bubble up and it will just thin out. A quick power washing operation will finish the job. In some bad cases, a few stripping operations might be required before noticeable results can be achieved.
Cleanfast Graffiti Remover - Safety
Bear in mind that you are using an active solvent stripper. Wear hand and eye protection at all times. Do a small pre-test in a corner to make sure that the surface is not solvent sensitive. Do not mix this product with other chemicals.


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