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Cleanfast Oil Dispersant

-environmentally safe surfactant designed to emulsify oil

-suitable for removing oil stains from paving, tarmac, concrete

-also highly recommended for garage floor maintenance

-will react in contact with oils & will facilitate easy removal

-suitable for commercial and domestic oil removing operations

-to be diluted before use to 1 to 25 or less for badly affected areas

-premium quality oil & grease remover from Cleanfast

Cleanfast Oil Dispersant - Where to use

Cleanfast Oil Dispersant can be used on all types of concrete floor, tarmac, paving, painted surfaces, etc. Many garages and factories use this product as a daily floor cleaner and degreaser. Cleanfast Oil Dispersant is an Irish manufactured product that provides amazing results in much less time than similar oil stain removers from other brands. The product is labeled as “eco”. Suitable for light domestic oil removing projects or heavy duty commercial cleaning.

Cleanfast Oil Dispersant - How to use

Dilute the product 1 to 25 or less. Pre-treat the area before cleaning. Wet the stained area well, wait 5 min, scrub with a hard brush & power wash as usual. Magic results guaranteed every time. Add Cleanfast Oil Dispersant to a mopping solution and clean oily garage or factory floors. The product will work instantly and it will provide amazing results. Some heavy duty oil stains might require a few treatments for full removal.

If you are looking for a powerful oil or grease stain remover, please try Cleanfast Oil Dispersant. This product is manufactured locally and it works. Cost effective, efficient & well priced.

Cleanfast Oil Dispersant MSDS

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