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  • The cheapest disinfectant available from Cleanfast
  • Premium results guaranteed when used correctly
  • General purpose disinfectant for drains, toilets, sinks
  • To be used for daily floor mopping & surface disinfecting
  • Cheap, efficient and very cost effective cleaning product
  • Highly recommended for schools, pubs, offices and gyms
  • This professional product is manufactured in Ireland
Cleanfast Pine Disinfectant - Where to use
This is a cheap but highly efficient disinfectant. This product can be used to disinfect bathroom floors and walls, urinals, sinks, toilets, drains, bins and lavatories. It will disinfect and refresh any area quickly and easily. Cleanfast Pine Disinfectant is a commercial disinfectant recommended for use in the commercial market. Its low cost and amazing cleaning power have made this product very popular within the cleaning industry. It can be used on any type of washable surface and it is sure to leave a clean and streak free finish.
Cleanfast Pine Disinfectant - How to use
Cleanfast Pine Disinfectant can be used in any way you need it. It can be used with a mopping solution to clean, deodorise and disinfect toilet floors. It can be used with a spray and wipe system, subject to the right dilution, it can be used for cleaning inside refuse bins, drain pipes, etc. A truly universal cleaning product and disinfectant. The best dilution ratio for this product is 1 to 20 to 1 to 10. You will have to decide the best dilution ratio according to the job.
Try Cleanfast Pine Disinfectant today and you will love it. This product ticks all the boxes. It costs little, it lasts long and it disinfects well. It is manufactured in Ireland.

Cleanfast Pine Disinfectant
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