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Cleanfast Super Alloy Cleaner

  • Heavy duty alloy cleaner suitable for commercial and domestic use

  • Manufactured from a blend of acids and surfactant chemicals

  • It will remove black carbon dust, corrosion, dirt, rust residue

  • It will not negatively affect the tyres, brake discs or the calipers

  • To be diluted 1 to 5 in warm water, pre-soak for about 3 min

  • For heavy duty projects please use a plastic brush to scrub

  • This product is manufactured in Ireland. Wear gloves

Cleanfast Super Alloy Cleaner - Where to use

Cleanfast Super Alloy Cleaner is a heavy duty alloy wheel cleaner. It can be used on most types of alloys but pre-testing is essential. The product will remove all types of carbon residue from alloys, brake discs, calipers and other components. It will restore the natural look of your alloy without a lot of effort. It is highly recommended for the professional car cleaning and car valeting industry. This product is highly active and highly efficient. Please use protective gear while using it.

Cleanfast Super Alloy Cleaner - How to use

Dilute the product in warm water 1 to 5. For very heavy duty alloy cleaning projects you can reduce the dilution to increase its cleaning power. Apply with a spray or a brush and allow contact for a minimum 3 minutes. The product needs time to exfoliate the residue. Use a plastic brush to scrub the alloy and rinse off the residue with clean water. In some cases, a second cleaning operation is required to achieve the desirable results. Do not mix the product with other alloy cleaners to avoid reactions

The whole Cleanfast range of cleaning products is manufactured in Ireland. Our products comply with all EU legislation. Try the new Cleanfast Super Alloy Cleaner today and be amazed with the results. Professional results all the time. 

Cleanfast Super Alloy Cleaner

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