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Alcohol based disinfectant hand gel

Contains over 70% ethanol (alcohol)

Will kill MRSA, fungi, flu bacteria

Contains moisturizing and softening agents

Odourless once dry

Highly recommended for hospitals

Cleanfast Hand Sanitizer Gel - Where to use
This high quality sanitizing gel can be used in any industry and any area where there is a high emphasis on health and safety and a higher risk of spreading infections. This product is highly popular with schools, hospitals, nursing homes, pubs, creches, shops etc. A premium quality product suitable for all industries. The product contains over 65% pure alcohol so it will evaporate within seconds. The gel is odourless once dry. Cleanfast Hand Sanitizer Gel is a great tool against harmful bacteria. It will kill a wide range of infections, including MRSA, fungi, flu bacteria, etc. No water needed to clean your hands with a sanitizing gel.
Cleanfast Hand Sanitizer Gel - How to use
A sanitizing gel is a ready to use product. You simply press on the dispenser and rub your hands until the gel fully evaporates. Most gel dispensers will only release small amounts of gel (enough for one wash). After application your hands will feel clean and soft but more importantly bacteria free. The gel leaves no residue and it has no odour after it dries. This product can be a great option in areas with no running water. Amazing cleaning power and very cost effective. 5L of sanitizing gel could last over 1 month in a busy school.
Cleanfast Hand Sanitizing Gel - Dilution
This product is ready to use and requires no dilution. Just fill up your gel dispensers and use it as it is. Standard soap dispensers might not be suitable for gel sanitizers.

***drips from the gel car burn floors, painted or polished surfaces. Use it with proper gel dispensers. Use it in areas without finished floors. It is your own responsability to use it as recommended by the manufacturer. Keep it away from fire***
This product is manufactured in Ireland. We can guarantee you premium quality and the best prices. Try it today.
Cleanfast Hand Sanitizing Gel

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