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 Cleanfast Bathroom Shine


-highly efficient professional bathroom cleaner & maintainer

-suitable to use on all types of bathroom fittings & surfaces

-recommended for deep cleaning and descaling of porcelain

-it will remove grease, body fats, lime scale, water stains

-if used regular it will prevent lime scale building up deposits

-suitable for commercial and domestic bathroom cleaning

-highly concentrated bathroom cleaner that requires dilution


Cleanfast Bathroom Shine – Where to use

Highly effective universal bathroom cleaner and washroom cleaner. Suitable for deep bathroom cleaning jobs and daily maintenance jobs. Used regular will prevent lime scale deposits from building up. Suitable to use on all types of bathroom fittings and tiles. It will remove with easy body fats, soap build-ups, lime scale, urine, water marks from running taps and much more. It's very pleasant fragrance will refresh the whole bathroom. One of the most efficient and cost effective bathroom cleaners available in Ireland. This product was manufactured in Ireland with Irish materials.


Cleanfast Bathroom Shine – How to use

Many professional bathroom cleaning companies are using Cleanfast Bathroom Shine in conjunction with a spray and wipe system. This product will provide instant results and it will start breaking dirt on contact. It can be also used as a bathroom floor cleaner with a mopping system or a scrubber drier. Suitable for daily bathroom cleaning and maintenance. If you are looking for a highly efficient bathroom cleaner with a fair price tag, please give us a call.


Cleanfast Bathroom Shine – Safety

This product will irritate your skin and your eyes. Wear gloves when using this product and avoid direct contact. In case of a contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water & seek medical advice. Do not mix with other chemicals or detergents.


Cleanfast Bathroom Shine MSDS

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