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Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap 

  • Heavy duty beaded hand gel suitable for commercial & industrial use

  • Sold in 5 L bottles, compatible with a gel hand dispenser, lemon scent

  • Removes grease, oils and grime while being very gentle on skin

  • Highly effective, highly concentrated, very cost effective and low cost

  • The new Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap is a locally manufactured soap

  • Very popular with building sites, factories, garages, warehouses, shops

  • Its beaded particles will facilitate easy removal of all kinds of residue

  • This product is suitable for professional use only, PH 7, external use only

  • Apply a small amount of soap, scrub well and rinse off the excess soap

Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap - Why use

The new Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap is a heavy duty oil and grease removal beaded soap that will provide results instantly. The product is effective, low cost and very soft on your skin. Its beaded particles will help the user remove all kinds of grease, fat, oils & grime from hands. This product should not be missing from any building site or factory washroom. Twice as efficient as a standard hand soap.

Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap - Where to use

The new Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap is a heavy duty commercial and industrial beaded hand soap that is widely used on building sites and in garages, factories, warehouses, mechanics & all types of industrial use. The product's main advantage is the fact that it contains thousands of small rough particles that helps the user scrub and agitate heavy duty dirt from hands. Its powerful degreasing qualities plus the advantage of its beaded particles, have made the new Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap one of the most widely used and loved beaded hand soaps in Ireland. Suitable for hand washing only. Suitable for external use only.

Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap - How to use

The new Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap is compatible with  pelican pumps or any gel dispenser. Wet your hands well, apply a small amount of soap, scrub the hands well, rinse off with warm or cold water. Repeat the operation if the results are not satisfactory. This highly efficient beaded hand gel will remove all types of residue from your hands without a lot of scrubbing. The skin will be left spotless and deodorized. The new Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap is suitable for heavy duty use only. 

Using only water or some kind of universal hand soap to remove heavy duty grease and oils from the hands is nearly impossible. While some dirt will be removed, most of it will be left untouched. Use the new Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap for day to day hand cleaning and degreasing and you will be amazed with the results. Due to its thickness, this product is known to last for very long periods of time. Tiny amounts of soap will provide outstanding results.

Cleanfast Beaded Cream Soap 


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