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Cleanfast Break Tru 1L - Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner & Unblocker

Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker

  • One of the most effective drain unblockers available in Ireland

  • This product is highly effective, highly active and can be dangerous if safety guidelines are not followed

  • It will help burn and disintegrate grease, fat, organic materials

  • To be used undiluted directly on the drainage system

  • The new Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker releases fumes

  • The user has to wear gloves, eye protection and a protective mask

  • Do not touch the product even if you wear thick rubber gloves

  • Suitable for heavy duty professional drain cleaning & unblocking

  • The product will react with organic materials & will disintegrate it

  • The most effective and most active drain unblocker in Ireland

  • This product is not suitable for courier delivery. Collection only

Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker | Why use

From time to time you will notice that your drainage system gets blocked The water from the sink, toilet or bath might not drain at all or might drain very slowly. Usually the drainage system gets clogged up with hair, body fats, food fats, soaps, food residue, etc. The inside of the drainage will eventually become blocked and liquids will not be able to pass through it. Cleaning the inside of a pipe that could be inside a wall is not really a solution without using a highly effective and active drain unblocker. Well, for this kind of project we can recommend the new Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker. This product works and it works fast.

Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker - Where to use

The new Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker is suitable for “professional” use only. This product has to be used by professionals only because of its highly active nature and its potential of causing permanent damage. The new Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker can be used to unblock clogged toilets (residential & commercial), blocked urinals, blocked sinks, bath drains, gully drains, rain drains, etc. It was designed to dissolve all types of organic growth like hair, body fats, food grease, leaves, algae, wood, limescale, etc. When applied to a drainage system the product will give the impression of boiling. It is not actually boiling but very high chemical reactions will happen inside your drainage system. The new Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker works in over 95% of the cases when used on fully blocked systems. 

Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker - How to use

We recommend regular usage to avoid serious blockages. A few caps of the product once every few months will prevent organic growth from developing and blocking the drainage system. But if the system is already fully blocked, you can achieve outstanding results with the new Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker. Pour 2-3 caps of Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker directly into the drainage system through the drainage grill. Allow about 2-3 minutes to work and then put the water on. If the system is still blocked, add 100 ML of Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker and let the product work for the next 10 minutes. Some noises will be heard coming up through the system. In contact with organic materials, the drain unblocker will create a white foam. Within a matter of seconds the organic growth will be fully dissolved. The product can be used to dissolve small wood particles as well that for some reason or another might get stuck in your draining system.

This is a very dangerous, a very toxic and very active chemical that can only be used for unblocking drains. The product is not suitable or recommended for any other type of cleaning project. Used right, it will unblock any drain in a matter of seconds, Used wrong will cause permanent damage to your body and property.

Cleanfast Break Tru Drain Unblocker


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