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Cleanfast Dish Wash 5L

-concentrated dish washing detergent for use in all spray dishwashers

-highly alkaline, very efficient and suitable to use on all types of dishes

-it contains a scale inhibitor to optimise detergency even in hard water

-it will provide amazing results instantly, it will melt fat, grime, food residue

-much better than similar products and much more cost effective

-Cleanfast Dish Wash 5L is manufactured in Ireland

Cleanfast Dish Wash 5L - Where to use

Recommended for use in the catering industry. Highly alkaline dishwashing detergent compatible with all types of spray dishwashing machines. It contains special inhibitors to optimise detergency even in areas with hard and very hard water. Not suitable for manual dish washing. It provides much better results than other dishwashing detergents and its better dilution ratio makes it more cost effective. A high quality, heavy duty dishwashing detergent suitable for all industries. Suitable to use on all types of dishes, pots,crockeries, glass, etc.

Cleanfast Dish Wash 5L - How to use

This product can only be used with spray dishwashing machines. Due to its high concentration, the product will require dilution before use. Most automatic dishwashing systems will do the dilution automatically. 0.01% to 0.05% or 1 ml to 5 ml per 1L of water. For light washing use the lower dilution ratio and for deep cleaning and heavy duty washing use the maximum dilution ratio. Some dishes might require pre-soaking or other treatments to fully remove staining and burnt on carbon.

This is a professional alkaline highly concentrated dishwashing detergent manufactured 100% in Ireland. Try it today and reduce your dishwashing detergent bills and increase productivity. Next day delivery guaranteed anywhere in Ireland

Cleanfast Dish Wash 5L MSDS

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