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Cleanfast Floor Cleaner 5L

-heavy duty commercial and domestic floor cleaning detergent

-one of the most powerful and most efficient floor cleaners

-suitable for deep cleaning and daily floor maintenance

-very efficient on tiles, wood, vinyl, lino, marmoleum, stone

-ph 13, dilution rate 1 to 100, medium foam, medium acidity

-it will melt fat on impact, degrease, great grout cleaner

-Cleanfast Floor Cleaner is manufactured locally in Ireland

-respect the dilution rate to avoid reactions and product waste

Cleanfast Floor Cleaner 5L - Where to use

Very few floor cleaning products are as capable as Cleanfast Floor Cleaner. This product is highly popular with the industrial and heavy duty commercial market. It melts grease and fat from safety floors, it deep cleans painted industrial floors, it cleans tiles & grout, it is highly recommended for deep cleaning and maintaining catering floors, school floors, pub floors, shop floors, etc. Outstanding results acheived on sealed and unsealed floors. By far the most popular and highly rated floor cleaner available online. If you have painted floors, ceramic floors, tile floors, marble floors, travertine floors, terrazzo floors, lino floors, vinyl floors, amtico floors, marmoleum floors,laminate floors, rubber floors, wood floors, etc, you will love Cleanfast Floor Cleaner.

Cleanfast Floor Cleaner 5L - How To Use

Our professional floor cleaning is very concentrated and highly active. It will generate medium foam. It can be used with all types of floor cleaning systems but if you need to use it with a scrubber drier you will need to use a  defoamer. Cleanfast Floor Cleaner requires dilution before use. The dilution ratio can vary from job to job but it is essential that you do not overuse the product. If you plan to use the product for daily maintainance use a dilution of 1 to 100. If you are planning to deep clean a filthy floor use a dilution of 1 to 25. It is highly recommended that you dilute the product with warm water. Very dirty floors and grout will be much easier to clean if you pre-soak the area for 5 minutes. A proper floor cleaner with reduce the amount of work needed to achieve great results.

Cleanfast Floor Cleaner - Safety

This floor cleaner will not burn your skin instantly but if it is used regularly without gloves it can cause a rash and irritate your skin. Work in well ventilated areas and do not mix Cleanfast Floor Cleaner with other type of floor cleaning product to avoid reactions. Use this product on floors only. Respect the recommended dilution and keep it stored in a cool and dry place.

Cleanfast Floor Cleaner 5L MSDS

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