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Cleanfast Graffiti Remover

Cleanfast Graffiti Remover

  • High quality solvent based graffiti remover from Cleanfast

  • A highly concentrated formula available in 5L and 750 ML

  • It can be safely used on blocks, concrete, bricks & stones

  • A ready to use graffiti remover that does not require dilution

  • Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial projects

  • To be applied to the affected area with a spray or a brush

  • It requires a few minutes of direct contact before it works

  • The surface has to be scrubbed and then rinsed | washed

  • For badly affected areas a number of treatments are required

  • One of the most effective graffiti removers available in Ireland

  • It also removes “some” spray paints and “some” car paints

Cleanfast Graffiti Remover | Why Use It

Removing graffiti sprays from all types of surfaces is not easy. While some products can provide limited results, others might not work at all. But the new Cleanfast Graffiti Remover is a different type of product and it works in most cases. Judging by the repeat orders and the feedback we receive from professional graffiti removers, we can truly say that the new Cleanfast Graffiti Remover is the best graffiti remover out there. It works as efficiently on smooth and rough surfaces, it removes graffiti from metal and aluminum facades, it dissolves graffiti from polished natural stone surfaces & so on. 

***It is essential to understand that there is no magic bullet when dealing with graffiti and there is not one single product in the whole world that works on all “graffiti”. Most professional graffiti removers would have 5-10 different graffiti removers just in case. There are many different types of paints etc. used for graffiti, some with high levels of acrylic content and designed to last for years even on surfaces exposed to daily rain and sun. Also, some graffiti sprays are actually car paint and that cannot be fully removed from a surface with high porosity***

Cleanfast Graffiti Remover | Where To Use It

The new Cleanfast Graffiti Remover is a professional graffiti removal product suitable for removing graffiti from all types of brick work, concrete walls, painted and rendered surfaces, aluminum and metal surfaces, all natural stone surfaces and plastic surfaces. The product is suitable for outdoor use only. It can be used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces. It reacts with the graffiti stain fast and it dissolves it. The product has low environmental impact and is suitable for commercial, industrial and residential use. The product is ready to use and it does not require any dilution.

Cleanfast Graffiti Remover | How To Use It

Using a roller, a spray bottle or a painting brush, apply Cleanfast Graffiti Remover to the affected area. The product will start working within a matter of seconds but it will require 5-10 minutes of direct contact with the surface to fully dissolve it. The initial result will depend on how thick the layer of graffiti is and how many layers of it were done. After the first application, most of the graffiti residue will be removed & with a couple more treatments, all of it should disappear. The porosity of the base surface will be a factor in how easily the graffiti can be removed. When a graffiti coat is applied to a brick wall it is likely to penetrate very deep while when a graffiti coat is applied to a polished natural stone, it will glaze the surface without being able to penetrate. 

  1. Apply the graffiti remover to the affected area and wait for 5-10 minutes

  2. Using a semi hard brush scrub the treated area to create scratches on the top coat

  3. Rinse off or power wash if a pressure washing system is available

  4. Assess the results and do one more similar treatment if required

Cleanfast Graffiti Remover | Recommendations 

If you are tackling a large graffiti area we recommend that you order a small spray bottle and try it out. Some of the new spray paints are permanent and nothing will remove them. Do not mix up a number of graffiti removers to avoid reactions and use hand protection at all times. Our graffiti remover is manufactured in Ireland.

Cleanfast Graffiti Remover


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