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Cleanfast Lemon Disinfectant - Multi Purpose Disinfectant

-highly popular lemon disinfectant & multi purpose cleaner

-suitable for cleaning and disinfecting floors, walls, tiles and kitchen surfaces

-it will deep clean instantly and deodorize the whole area

-outstanding finish on shiny porcelain tiles & polished surfaces

-highly concentrated, highly efficient, very affordable product

-compatible with most surfaces but pre-testing is recommended

-it can be used for mopping and with a spray a bottle system

Cleanfast Lemon Disinfectant - Multi Purpose Disinfectant - Where to use

This is a very soft surface disinfectant and sanitizer. It will deep clean, disinfect and deodorise most hard surfaces. It can be used on floors, worktops, tiles, bathrooms, bins, stainless steel, etc. Any area treated with Cleanfast Lemon Disinfectant will shine and it will smell fresh. Many companies and domestic customers use this superb value lemon disinfectant for daily maintenance of kitchens, sinks and floors. It is also great for treating bathroom floors and areas around the toilet. One quick spray and the odour is gone.

Cleanfast Lemon Disinfectant - Multi Purpose Disinfectant - How to use

This is a multi-purpose product so can be used in many ways. You can use it diluted it 1 to 50 in a spray bottle and use it to deep clean and disinfect surfaces. You can mix it with warm water and use it to mop floors. You can add it to a carpet cleaning solution tank to refresh carpets. You can pour a bit inside your smelly bin to kill bacteria and neutralise bad odours. Highly recommended for the contract cleaning industry. Highly recommended for disinfecting and neutralising bad odours in drains.

Cleanfast Lemon Disinfectant - Multi Purpose Disinfectant - Dilution

For under 5 euro you will buy one of the most concentrated and most efficient lemon disinfectants available in Ireland. The recommended dilution ratio is 1 to 40 but you can alter the ratio depending on the job being done. If you are cleaning badly infested and very smelly surfaces, you can reduce the dilution ratio to 1 to 20. If you are doing daily floor maintenance and you do not want the area to be very perfumed, you can increase the dilution to 1 to 100. The recommended dilution rate is informative only. You can adjust the dilution rate to fit your particular needs. The worst thing that can happen if you mess up the dilution ratio is that the area will be over or under deodorised.

This is a product produced in Ireland. We highly recommend this product to any school, pub, bar, restaurant, office, etc. Try it and you will love it.

Cleanfast Lemon Disinfectant - Multi Purpose Disinfectant


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