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Cleanfast Mr San Food Safe Sanitizer

Cleanfast Ms San Surface Disinfectant

-non tainting food safe cleaning product and sanitizer

-very popular with the catering & kitchen cleaning trade

-highly concentrated, highly efficient and well priced

-it will kill Staph, E.Coli, MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria

-safe to use on any type of sealed or unsealed surface

-to be used with any type of cleaning system or machine

-this product requires dilution before use. Irish made

Cleanfast Mr San Surface Disinfectant - Where to use

Powerful disinfectant and sanitiser popular with the catering industry and any other industry where the risk of infections spreading is high. Many schools, child minding businesses, old folks homes, hospitals, etc, are using this amazing sanitizer to disinfect and prevent bacteria spreading. It can be also used by the domestic market. If there was an infestation with some type of virus, a quick treatment with Cleanfast Ms San Surface Disinfectant will kill whatever infections are still present within the area. Regular use will also prevent further infestations.

Cleanfast Mr San Surface Disinfectant - How to use

Most commercial users use it with a spray and wipe system. The product can be diluted 1 to 20 or up to 1 to 40 and can be used for daily cleaning of worktops, stainless steel presses, walls, doors, woodwork, floors, bathrooms, etc. Badly infested areas will require a few cleans before the infestation is fully removed. It can also be added to a mopping solution when washing floors. The product contains no perfume so it is ideal for the food manufacturing industry as well.

Cleanfast Mr San Surface Disinfectant - Dilution

For this product, the dilution ratio is very important. 5L of Cleanfast Mr San Surface Disinfectant will dilute to make 125 spray bottles (750 ml). At this dilution ratio, 1 to 20, the product will perform well, it will be cost effective and it will neutralise all the infections that are present. Reducing or increasing the dilution ratio to make it more cost effective or more efficient will usually not achieve the necessary results.

Cleanfast Mr San Surface Disinfectant is one of the most efficient surface disinfectants in Ireland. This product is manufactured in Ireland for the Irish market. Affordable, efficient and very cost effective. Give it a try and become one of our customers.

Cleanfast Mr San Surface Disinfectant MSDS

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