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Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner

Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner

  • The most cost effective and most highly concentrated patio cleaning solution

  • It removes algae, lichens, black spots and all other kinds of organic growth

  • Our patio and dash cleaner contains over 15% active hypochlorite sodium

  • Suitable for heavy duty residential and commercial patio cleaning projects

  • To be diluted 1 to 5 in cold water | Full PPE protection highly recommended

  • Safe to use on all natural stone patios, concrete, footpaths, tarmac, limestone

  • It will react with the organic growth nearly instantly and it will remove it fast

  • To be applied with a mopping system, a watering can or a pressure pump

  • Direct contact for at least 10 minutes highly recommended to ensure reaction

  • The surface treated with the product can be power washed or rinsed off

  • This is a heavy duty cleaner not a long lasting biocide or some treatment

  • To prevent organic growth from redeveloping treat the area with Drive Clear

  • Seal the newly cleaned patio with one of our water based or solvent sealers

*** You are just about to use one of the most active and one of the most efficient patio and dash wall cleaners. Special care and protection is required at all times. Wear thick gloves, eye protection, feet protection & facemasks. Never ever use the product indoors. Never touch the product without full hand protection. Do not spray the product on plants or pets. Do not mix up the product with any other patio cleaners. Do not splash the product on any other surfaces that are not stone made***

Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner | Why Use It

Removing black spots, lichens and deep penetrating algae & moss from patios, dash walls, unpainted render, garden walls, etc, is a nightmare. Those organic growth can penetrate very deep and due to wet Irish weather conditions, it can thrive. But the new Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner is enemy no 1 for such organic growth. This product is highly active, it penetrates very deep inside the porous surface and it breaks the organic growth in pieces. It also reacts with black patio dots and lichens and bleaches it away. The product is highly popular and in high demand because it is one of the very few patio & dash wall cleaners that actually works. 

Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner | Where To Use It

The new formula Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner is a proper heavy duty patio and dash wall cleaner compatible with all kinds of cobblestone, limestone, granite, sandstone, travertine, terracotta, concrete, indian stone, dash walls, unsealed rendered walls, black walls, slates, etc. Suitable for outdoor use only. The product dilution rate is 1 to 5 | 1 part product and 5 parts water. To be diluted in cold water. It can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. 

Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner | How To Use It

Prepare the surface for using the new Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner. Remove all large residue and all movable items like BBQs, plants & dog house. Pre-wet the stone with clean water before applying the patio cleaner on it. Dilute the product in some type of container and prepare for application. The product has to wet the stone but it does not need to puddle up. You want full penetration directly on the affected area and not leaks all over the garden. After the whole area is treated, allow it to react. For up to 30 minutes do nothing. The Hypochlorite sodium will react with all organic growth and it will burn it. After about 10-30 minutes, rinse off or power wash the surface. In 99% of the cases there is nothing else to be done. If you are looking for a biocide treatment to prevent the organic growths from redeveloping for at least 24 months, use Cleanfast Drive Clear. 

  1. If the product was applied in small quantities and has not leaked all over the garden, it will not affect the plants.

  2. A rinse off is highly recommended for pet owners (the hypochlorite sodium has a sharp odour that is not enjoyed by pets). A quick rinse off will get rid of the odour

  3. The dilution rate has to be respected to avoid causing discolorations

  4. Some sealers or impregnators might stop the product from reaching the growth so if the patio was sealed or impregnated with a protractor, that particular sealer should be removed before using the new Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner

  5. Check out the weather forecast to make sure that there is no rain forecasted for that particular time

Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner | Recommendations

Common sense is required at all times. This product's main job is to burn the foundation of all types of organic growth and to bleach up dark spots. The product is highly active, highly corrosive and very dangerous. Used right and handled safely, it will restore your patio and it will save you a lot of money by not having to use professional power washing contractor but if used wrong, it can really burn your skin. Wear welly boots to ensure your feet do not get wet. 

Cleanfast Patio & Dash Wall Cleaner

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