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Cleanfast White Mulberry, Mimosa & Green Tea Hand Soap

  • Top of the range hand, body and hair shampoo
  • Unique perfume, soft on skin & very long lasting
  • Contains a rich blend of fragrant oils & moisturisers
  • Suitable for high class luxury hotels and premium use
  • Will leave skin soft, nourished and clean
  • Will work with most standard soap dispensers
  • An excellent, high quality, Irish made product
Cleanfast White Mulberry, Mimosa & Green Tea Hand Soap - Where to use
A unique gel-like body & hair shampoo. This product is suitable to use in all types of executive bathrooms and high end hotels. It contains a rich blend of fragrant oils and moisturisers to leave the skin feeling rich, nourished and soft. It will fit most universal soap dispensers. A truly premium hand wash and body shampoo. Lathers very well. This product is known to last for months even in places with a lot of soap usage. Cleanfast White Mulberry, Mimosa & Green Tea Shampoo is made 100% in Ireland.
Cleanfast White Mulberry, Mimosa & Green Tea Hand Soap - How to use
Our amazing hand, body and hair shampoo can be used like any other shampoo. The difference is in the quality of the product and the amount of product needed for one wash. Its gel like composition will prevent waste and it will reduce the amount of shampoo needed for one wash by 50%. This product will impress your customers and it will save you money. Many local shops, hair salons, restaurants, etc use this amazing shampoo on a daily basis. Try it today and you will love it.

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