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Cleanfast Shift Degreaser

  • Professional kitchen cleaning and surface degreasing detergent

  • Suitable for cleaning floors, walls, worktops, cooking equipment

  • Safe to use on stainless steel, plastic, painted surfaces & chrome

  • Also suitable for deep cleaning greasy floors and extractor fans

  • To be diluted between 1 to 50 in warm water before degreasing 

  • Can be used with a standard spray & wipe system or for mopping

  • Manufactured in Ireland, food safe, very concentrated, low cost

  • Available in 5L bottles, suitable for heavy duty surface degreasing

Cleanfast Shift Degreaser - Where to use

Cleanfast Shift Degreaser is a heavy duty degreaser and oil stain remover. It can be used for deep cleaning catering floors, worktops, ovens, canopies, extractor fans, walls, tiles, plastic fittings, etc. The product is highly effective and suitable for heavy duty commercial kitchen cleaning projects. It requires dilution in warm water before use. This is one of the most efficient and powerful degreasers available in Ireland. Some badly affected areas might require pre-soaking for a short period of time to help remove grease deposits.

Cleanfast Shift Degreaser - How to use

You need to dilute the product 1 to 50 before use. It can be used with a spray and wipe system or with a standard mopping system. Spray the surface area, allow a few seconds to react, scrub the area with a green catering scourer and remove the waste with a clean microfiber cloth. Magic results guaranteed all the time. When cleaning catering floors, you should apply the product with a mop, allow 5 minutes to soften up the dirt, scrub the surface with a brush, a floor buffer or some kind of agitating system & extract the waste. Cleanfast Shift Degreaser is highly popular with the catering industry.

If you were always looking for a professional kitchen cleaner & degreaser to reduce your workload and improve your cleaning results, now you have found it. Try the new Cleanfast Shift Degreaser. You will love it. This product is manufactured in Ireland.

Cleanfast Shift Degreaser

Cleanfast Shift Degreaser MSDS


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