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-one of the strongest universal high traffic floor polishes available

-our polish is suitable to use on all types of natural or artificial floors

-it will provide super protection against marking, staining, wear etc.

-it can be applied over new surfaces or newly stripped surfaces

-our universal floor polish is suitable for commercial and domestic use

-recommended for amtico, marmoleum, laminate, tiles, travertine

-it contains 25% acrylic content – double the amount of other types of polishes

-it will finish your floors in a nice semi-gloss finish that can be buffed

-1 L of Cleanfast Floor Polish will cover 1 standard living room x 3 coats


Cleanfast Floor Polish 1L – Where to use

This is one of the most efficient and easy to apply high traffic floor polishes. This product was designed to dry fast and finish your floor with a smooth streak free finish. Cleanfast Floor Polish can be applied over new surfaces, newly stripped surfaces and over old water based floor finishes that were deep cleaned before application. Cleanfast Floor Polish contains 25% solid (acrylic content) and it is recommended for medium to very high traffic areas. Many local pharmacies, pubs, restaurants, surgeries etc. have had their floors polished with our high traffic floor polish.


Laminate Floor Polish – You can apply 2 coats of Cleanfast Floor Polish over your laminate floor. It will water proof the floor and it will prevent wear damages. It will finish your floor in a nice semi-gloss finish. Cleanfast Floor Polish contains anti slip additives.


Wood Floor Polish – You can apply our floor polish over damaged areas to restore some of the lost shine. You can also apply Cleanfast Floor Polish over new wood floors. The polish will water proof the floor and will create a nice semi-gloss finish. If you need it more glossy, apply more coats. You cannot apply water based floor polishes over oiled wood floors. If your wood floor is very scratched, the polish will make it better looking and will mask some of the scratches but it will not cover it 100%. Floor sanding might be needed.


Amtico Floor Polish – Our high traffic floor polish will provide outstanding results on amtico floors. Strip off all the existing floor finishes before polishing and apply 2 coats of Cleanfast Floor Polish. It will dry fast and it will enhance the look of your floor.


Marmoleum Floor Polish – nothing looks better on a new marmoleum floor than Cleanfast Floor Polish. Many of the local schools have had their floor polished with our high traffic floor polish. The floor is fully protected and it lasts much longer than other brands of floor polish. Drop around our office and see sample of work done.


Vinyl Floor Polish – give your old vinyl floor another chance. Two coats of Cleanfast Floor Polish will transform your old floor. The polish will give your floor a nice cool look and it will cover all the small imperfections. If you require a more glossy finish, buff your floor with a 400 RPM buffer.


Lino Floor Polish – a lino floor is made to last and if you apply 3 coats of Cleanfast Floor Polish it will last even longer. Enhance the look of your floors and protect it against spillages and scratches. If you are looking for a lino floor polish, try our high traffic floor polish now!


Travertine Floor Polish – you cannot use any type of floor polish on a travertine surface. Cleanfast Floor Polish is the ideal travertine floor polish. Its thick consistency is perfect for natural stone. It will only require 2 coats of polish to make your floor look like new. Allow 2 hours dry time between recoating.


Marble Floor Polish -if you decide to have your marble floor polished, you need to try Cleanfast Floor Polish. This product will protect your floor instantly and will keep it natural looking. You can apply 1 to 2 coats of floor polish for best results. Remove all the existing sealants or polishes before polishing and apply even coats.


Terracotta Floor Polish – A terracotta floor is like a sponge. It will absorb and deposit many coats of floor polish before any noticeable results can be achieved. This is not the case with Cleanfast Floor Polish. This polish is very thick and it will not allow the floor to absorb it. 3 coats of our high traffic floor polish should be enough to re-build the glazing on your terracotta floor. Cleanfast Floor Polish is the perfect terracotta floor polish.


Terrazzo Floor Polish – terrazzo floors are designed for very high traffic and are usually fitted in high traffic buildings like schools, churches and public buildings. To maintain these floors to the highest possible standards, you will have to use a very durable and very high traffic floor polish. Cleanfast Floor Polish will penetrate the floor and it will build up a great protective coat. It will look natural and it will last for years.


Ceramic Floor Polish – our universal floor polish will look well on any type of floor. It is the perfect ceramic floor polish and it can be used to seal commercial and domestic ceramic floors. It will protect the floor and it will facilitate easy maintenance.


If you require more information about our high traffic floor polish, you can either call us or drop around our shop. We are here ready to help you and show you samples.


Cleanfast Floor Polish – How to use it

Clean the whole floor with a neutral floor cleaner and allow time to dry. If the floor was sealed before, you should remove all the existing sealant and polishes with a strong floor stripper. Our floor polish can be applied over existing finishes but for best results it is recommended that all pre-existing polishes will be removed in full. Apply 1 coat of Cleanfast Floor Polish over a dry and clean floor surface. The first coat of polish will dry within 1 hour. Apply the second coat and allow time to dry again. Cleanfast Floor Polish is not your average floor polish that is very liquid, our floor polish is like a gel so it will penetrate all the imperfections and it will it will dry faster. Most floors will look brilliant with 2 coats but for very high traffic floor areas you might have to do 3 coats of floor polish. If the floor is very porous, you will need to apply 1 coat of floor primer before polishing. Job done. The easiest way of applying floor polish is with a flat mop head and a microfiber pad.


Wash your floor regularly with a heavy duty floor cleaner and buff your floor regularly with red pads.



Cleanfast Floor Polish – Your floor needs our polish!

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