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Cleanfast Floor Polish 1L

-heavy duty commercial water based floor polish

-suitable for sealing & polishing all types of floors

-will cover around 30 sq meter of floor per 1 L

-to be applied in 2 coats over a clean and dry floor

-it will finish your floors in a cool semi gloss finish

-no odours, no fumes, no special training required

-safe to use on wood, tiles, laminate, marmoleum

-thick composition, it will level small imperfections

Cleanfast Floor Polish 1L - Where to use

Cleanfast Floor Polish is one of the most durable water based floor polishes available in Ireland. Our amazing floor polish can be used for sealing amtico floors, lino floors, vinyl floor, marmoleum floors, wood floors (varnished wood), laminate floors, tile floors, all types of natural stone floors, rubber floors and other floors. Cleanfast Floor Polish 1L will provide superior protection and superior durability. A professional water based floor polish.

Cleanfast Floor Polish 1L - How to use

You can use Cleanfast Floor Polish 1L to overcoat the pre-existing finishes if the surface is deep cleaned before. Remove the old floor polish and all types of floor sealers, deep clean the surface to neutralise floor stripper residue & after the floor is fully dry, apply the first coat of floor polish with a flat mop. Wait about 1-2 hours for the polish to dry and apply the second coat. You can apply a 3rd coat but it is usually not necessary.

Cleanfast Floor Polish 1L is an Irish manufactured high traffic water based floor polish suitable for sealing all types of commercial and domestic floors. It is not suitable for sealing oiled wood floors or porcelain floors. Our floor polish will finish your floor in an elegant semi gloss finish. The product is well priced and its thick composition will ensure a high coverage area and perfect smooth finish.

Cleanfast Floor Polish 1L

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