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 Cleanfast Floor Stripper


-highly efficient and odorless professional floor stripper

-one of the strongest floor strippers available in Ireland

-it will strip with ease up to three coats of floor polish

-it can be used for deep cleaning unsealed natural stone

-designed for the commercial a and the domestic market

-suitable for stripping all types of water based floor polishes

-increases the speed of floor stripping & makes it cost effective

-it can be used for manual or machine floor stripping jobs


Cleanfast Floor Stripper – Where to use

Cleanfast Floor Stripper is a professional floor stripper that can strip all types of water based floor polishes. It will soften up floor polish instantly and it will remove up to 3 coats of high traffic floor polish at once. Floors with heavy duty polish build ups might require multiple stripping operations. Cleanfast Floor Stripper can be used as a floor cleaner for some types of natural stone floors or concrete. This product is rinse free and odorless.


Cleanfast Floor Stripper – How to use

Cleanfast Floor Stripper can only strip water based floor polishes. If your floor was polished or waxed with an oil based product, a floor stripper won't remove it. It is very important to assess the job and do a corner test to confirm compatibility. A test will also help you decide what type of dilution has to be used. Floor that was never polished with a floor polish can be deep cleaned with Cleanfast Floor Stripper but you will have to use the maximum dilution rate of 1 to 10. 1 liter of floor stripper for 10 litre of water. Floors that have up to 3 coats of floor polish can be stripped off in one go with a dilution rate of 1 to 5. Heavy duty floor polish build ups might require multiple stripping operations before all the polish is removed. If the floor looks patchy, there is still floor polish left on it.


In a 10 liter mop bucket put 9 liters of warm water and 1 litre of Cleanfast Floor Stripper.  The dilution rate will vary from floor to floor but never go under 1 to 3 – one part stripper and 3 parts water. Mop the floor generously with the solution and allow at least 3 minutes to react. Most types of floor polishes will change colors in contact with the floor stripper but you still have to wait 3 to 5 minutes before agitating the floor with a pad, brush or a low speed buffer. If you plan to strip off over 20 square meter of floor, you will need a wet vac and a floor buffer. After about 5 minutes, you will have to agitate the floor with a semi hard floor brush or a floor pad. If the pad or the brush will fill up with floor polish, you will know that the floor polish has softened up. Scrub all the corners and edges and remove the waste. More stripping operations could be required.



-touch the floor stripper without protective equipment

-apply floor stripper on your painted surfaces

-mix up floor stripper with other chemicals

-wait for the floor stripper to dry on the floor

-re-use the mops for other jobs



-know what you are doing before starting

-get some help if the floor is bigger

-only work in well ventilated areas

-a sample test in a corner to confirm compatibility


A professional floor stripper like Cleanfast Floor Stripper can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The floor stripper will provide outstanding results if used right. Do not take a chance if you are not 100% sure that you are fully prepared for the job. Cleanfast Floor Stripper is a highly active product, designed to work fast and provide instant results.


Cleanfast Floor Polish – Professional results for less!

Cleanfast Floor Stripper MSDS

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