Cleanfast Ginger, Black Pepper & Cardamom Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML

Product Description

 Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML

- one of the most luxury & unique hand soaps

- suitable for executive use & 5 star hotels

- one of the most cost effective hand soaps

- it will clean and soften up your skin in one go

-available in 500 ml dispensers and 5l bottles


Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML Review

Hand hygiene is vital, regardless of where you are. We touch an average of 300 surfaces every half hour, and nearly 80% of infections are spread simply by touch. This is not just person-to-person contact- it also includes touching food, your own eyes, nose and mouth. For instance, when you touch food with contaminated hands and shove it into your mouth, you risk foodborne illnesses from E.Coli, Salmonella, and Staph. Touching your face with contaminated hands spreads respiratory illnesses, from flu to pneumonia. You don't want to go on vacation and come back battling ailments. You want to protect yourself from stomach bugs and infections like colds and the flu. You want a product that can restore the hygiene to your hands. Turn to the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML. 


For businesses, you want your visitors and clients to feel safe. A contamination in a hotel can permanently damage your ratings and reviews. In addition to losing market share, you could end up facing numerous lawsuits. It's not just about the hygiene. Your customers should enjoy every aspect of your establishment, and that includes the hand washing process. You want them to feel relaxed and comfortable. It will keep them coming back for more, plus boost the image of your business. Make every hand wash a treat with the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML.


Benefits Of The Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML

1. Luxury hand soap

The Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML brings you a touch of elegance and sophistication. It gently cleans and soothes your skin with every application. It is a high quality product that's popularly used in executive bathrooms and 4-5 star hotels. You can bring this superior product into your establishment. The rich foam pampers your hands, awakening your senses, and enabling you to feel relaxed and refreshed.


2. High cleansing power

The Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML effectively washes away the dirt and grime in your hands, from food particles and grease, to general soiling. It's very foamy, producing a rich lather on your palms with every use. It promotes a more thorough hand wash. You just need a little of the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML to fully cover your hands. Since it lathers easily, persons in your establishment quickly achieve the accepted level of hand hygiene. Less time is spent at the sink.


3. Eco-friendly

The Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML comes with welcome bonuses for the environment. First, it doesn't clog drains. Secondly, it does not rely on chemicals to form the lather. Instead, it uses forced air for natural lathering. This makes the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML biodegrade faster than the traditional liquid soap once it goes down the drain. In addition, its foamy nature leads to conservation of water. A person using a foaming hand soap on average requires 16% less water to lather and rinse, than those using regular liquid soap. You can also lather the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML without wetting your hands, and only use water to do the rinsing, cutting down the water usage by close to 45%. For commercial establishments such as airports, large office buildings, hotels and entertainment venues, the reduction of water consumption due to hand washing has a great impact on the cost of operations.


4. Multipurpose

You can do more than cleanse your hands. The Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML is also suitable for washing the hair and body. You can use it in the bath, or wash off dirt and oil treatments in your hair without worrying about your scalp drying up, or the hair getting damaged. Its rich creamy foam will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated. 


5. Easily sustainable

First, it’s easy to use. Customers and staff in your establishment can comfortably apply it, thus promoting the health and hygiene of the premises. In addition, the fast acting and foaming properties of the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML reduce the amount that is wasted and washed down the drain. It also reduces the workload for your cleaning crews, as any drips and spills by people using the product are easier to clean off the counters, walls and floors. The all-rounded advantages to your clients and staff make the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML a suitable investment in your premises.


6. Cost effective

The foamy nature of the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML means that less product is needed for every hand wash, enabling you to make savings. You get more hand washes per package, making each purchase last longer. The foaming dispensers will require to be refilled less often, saving both your time and money. 


How To Use The Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML


Follow these steps for the different applications:

· Hand washing

1. Simply squirt in onto your hands, and spread the lather. The recommended hand washing time is 15 seconds. 

2. Rinse your hands.


· Hair: 

1. Gently massage the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML into your wet hair as the lather forms and spreads.

2. Rinse with clean water.


Tips For Using The Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML


· Don't just wash your palms and miss everything else. Most bacteria are on fingertips and under the nails. Pay particular attention to such areas while using the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML, plus the back of your hands and in between the fingers.

· The areas under watches, rings and other kinds or jewellery are hiding spots for germs. It's recommended that you remove them before washing your hands, to achieve a thorough clean. Some like rings can simply be moved up the finger so that you can wash under them. 

· As you spread the Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap 500 ML foam on your hands, do it away from running water. This is to prevent it from being washed away before you've covered your entire hands.

· When rinsing, use running water rather than a basin with standing water. This is because the basin's waster gets contaminated with use, and you'll be basically rinsing your hands in dirty water.

· Always completely dry your hands after washing them. Leaving them damp increases the chances of picking up dirt, causing premature resoiling and contamination. 

· Avoid re-usable cloth towels to dry your hands. They can harbour millions of bacteria, increasing the risk of contamination. Air driers or disposable paper towels are preferred. 


Cleanfast Luxury Hand Soap - Professional cleaning products for less!

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