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Cleanfast Multi Shine Neutral Floor Maintainer

  • A neutral floor cleaner, maintainer & gloss restor
  • Great cleaning power, increases the floor protection
  • Will create a glossy slip resistant finish
  • Can be used with a high speed floor buffer
  • Can also be used with a mopping system
  • Contains a pleasant & refreshing perfume
  • The dilution ratio for this product is 1 to 50
  • Can be used on all types of polished floors
  • This product is manufactured in Ireland
Cleanfast Multi Shine Neutral Floor Maintainer - Where to use
This universal neutral floor cleaner and polish restorer can be used to clean and maintain all types of polished floors. Used with the right dilution ratio, the product will bond well with pre-existing finishes and will create an additional protective coat over the existing finish. The new coat will blend in with the pre-existing finish after burnishing. This product is used to enhance and repair damaged glossy floors or floor with very high traffic. After each wash, the gloss is restored and the floor is ready for more use. For best results please burnish the floor with a high speed floor buffer (over 400 RPM) and a red or white floor pad. Outstanding results will be visible instantly.
Cleanfast Multi Shine Neutral Floor Maintainer - How to use
Dilute the product with warm water. The recommended dilution ratio is 1 to 50 but this can be reduced to increase the cleaning power if the floor is in very bad shape. Mix the cleaning solution well and mop the floor. Allow a few minutes to dry and then buff the floor. The gloss will appear when the floor is buffed with a floor pad. If you are not fully satisfied with the results, wash the floors a few times to build up a thick coat of maintainer. If the floor is very dirty, wash the floor first with a stronger floor cleaner to remove all the dirt and then wash it again with the maintainer. Cleanfast Multi Shine Neutral Floor Maintainer is a neutral floor maintainer with low cleaning power. Its main purpose is to rebuild the gloss.
Try this Irish made floor maintainer today. Restore the look of your floors with little effort. One of the most efficient floor maintainers available in Ireland!
Cleanfast Multi Shine Neutral Floor Maintainer

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