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Cleanfast Non Acidic Alloy Cleaner 5L

-professional non acidic alloy cleaner and alloy polisher

-will remove carbon deposits from alloy wheels with ease

-highly concentrated alkaline alloy, tyre, discs & caliper cleaner

-this product is PH 13, highly concentrated, medium foam, safe

-the recommended dilution ratio is between 1 to 20 and 1 to 5

-it can be applied with a special brush or a cleaning cloth

-pre-spray highly recommended : wait 3-4 min before scrubbing

-it will leave the alloy spotless and residue free, no glazing

- for professional use only

Cleanfast Non Acidic Alloy Cleaner 5L - Where to use

Removing carbon deposits from  alloy wheels, calipers or brake discs can be a nightmare if you do not have proper products. Over time, layers of carbon can build up a thick black residue on your beautiful alloy wheels. Use Cleanfast Non Acidic Alloy Cleaner 5L right now and see how the carbon dissolves. Our amazing alloy cleaner will react instantly with all types of carbon deposits and will soften it up and facilitate easy removal. A quick power wash will ensure full removal of all carbon deposits from all “hard to get areas”. Cleanfast Non Acidic Alloy Cleaner 5L is non acidic and safe to use on sealed and unsealed alloy wheels.

Cleanfast Non Acidic Alloy Cleaner 5L - How to use

Dilute the product before using it. The recommended dilution ratio is 1 to 20 for light/medium cleaning projects and 1 to 5 for heavy duty cleaning projects. Some alloys might require a few cleans in order to fully remove all carbon deposits. Apply the diluted product with a brush or a cloth and allow 3-5 min to work. Scrub well with a brush or power wash. The alloy will look spotless and residue free.

This product was designed for the professional car cleaning industry. Cleanfast Non Acidic Alloy Cleaner 5L is very affordable, locally manufactured and very efficient. Try our professional car care products right now, work less - spend less - achieve more with Cleanfast.

Cleanfast Non Acidic Alloy Cleaner 5L


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