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Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 5L

-heavy duty commercial & residential oven cleaning detergent

-melts fat, grease, carbon and burnt on deposits

-this is a ready to use formula and it does not requires dilution

-pre-testing highly recommended to confirm compatibility

-highly active, highly efficient and very cost effective product

-this magic oven cleaning product is 100% made in Ireland

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 5L - Where to use

Our amazing highly active oven cleaning detergent can be used to degrease and clean all types of commercial and domestic ovens. The product will remove heavy duty builds up of fat, grease, oils, carbon, burnt on foods etc. with ease. Some ovens may require a few treatments before noticeable results can be visible. Cleanfast Oven Cleaner is a ready to use product and does not requires dilution. It can be used on all types of burners, industrial cookers and domestic ovens. Always pre-test for compatibility.

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 5L - How to use

Remove all trays from inside the cooker. Spray the whole area with Cleanfast Oven Cleaner. Do not mix the product with any other type of oven cleaner or cleaning product to avoid reactions. After pre-spraying, wait at least 30 minutes to allow the product to work. Scrub the oven walls, ceiling & the bottom of the cooker. Remove the waste as you work. Use a steel scourer and a couple of green scourers. If you are not happy with the results, repeat the operation

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner 5L - Preparation

You will need cloths, gloves, eye protection, steel scourers, green scourers and a good hard brush to reach in all the narrow places.

  1. Avoid over spraying the product to avoid leaks

  2. Avoid drips from the bottle on the floor (it will stain)

  3. Avoid any direct contact between your hands and the product

  4. Do not use on aluminium or stainless steel surfaces

Work in a well ventilated area.

After the cooker is deep cleaned and you are fully satisfied with the results, put the oven on at maximum heat for around 20 minutes. The heat will burn out any oven cleaner that has managed to leak in very narrow areas around the inside of the cooker.

Cleanfast Oven Cleaner MSDS

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