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Cleanfast Super Bowl Blue - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

-heavy duty industrial toilet cleaner and descaler

-amazing results guaranteed after only one wash

-it will break limescale & toilet dirt nearly instantly

-superb urine neutraliser and toilet deodoriser

-regular use will prevent limescale from building up

-suitable for commercial & domestic use

-can be used as a bathroom cleaner and descaler

-will remove mould, mildew & limescale from grout

-not suitable for chrome, stainless steel or brass

-sold with a duck neck bottle for easy application

Very powerful toilet cleaner and descaler suitable to use inside the toilets, on tiles and on all types of porcelain bathroom fittings. The product is known to react instantly with mould, mildew, limescale & other types of toilet & bathroom dirt. Regular use will prevent the grout and the toilet from developing more limescale in areas with hard water. Not suitable to use on chrome, stainless steel surfaces or brass. When treating very dirty surfaces, a few treatments might be required before noticeable results can be visible. This is an ideal toilet cleaner & descaler for public toilets and bathrooms with a lot of footfall. This product will reduce the amount of work needed to maintain clean toilets and will prove very cost effective in the long run. Cleanfast Super Bowl Blue - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler is manufactured in Ireland.

Cleanfast Super Bowl Blue - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler - How to use

This product is only suitable for bathroom and toilet cleaning and descaling. Do not use to treat metal surfaces or polished surfaces. Apply inside the toilet walls with the special duck neck bottle. Flush the toilet before use to apply to wet surfaces. Wait about 5-10 min after the initial application. Brush well with a toilet brush and flush the toilet. Spotless results. You can also add it to a mopping solution. Dilute 1 to 50 in warm water and then mop tiled floors. It can also be added to a spray & wipe system to maintain bathrooms. Universal bathroom cleaner and descaler. Suitable for light and heavy duty commercial use.

Try this amazing bathroom cleaner and descaler. Achieve premium results without breaking your back. Invest in highly efficient Irish manufactured cleaning products. Try Cleanfast Super Bowl Blue - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler today!


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