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Cleanfast Thin Bleach 5L

-multi use solution recommended for deodorising & sterilizing

-to be used to disinfect bathrooms, sinks, walls, drains, toilets

-it can also be used for removal of stains from crockery & white clothing

-not suitable to use on metal, painted surfaces, varnished surfaces

- to be diluted 1 to 20 before use. Mix up with warm water for better results

-our premium thin bleach is suitable for commercial & domestic use

Cleanfast Thin Bleach 5L - Where to use

Very popular thin bleach suitable for all types of drain & bathroom deodorising, deep cleaning and sterilization of all types of porcelain surfaces and bathroom floors. The product is highly active and it needs to be handled with care. Do not use the product on any type of sealed, painted or varnished surfaces to avoid bleaching. Cleanfast Thin Bleach 5L can be used to remove stains from white fabrics. Many restaurants and pubs are using our thin bleach to remove stains from crockeries. One of the most cost effective thin bleach money can buy. This product is manufactured in Ireland.

Cleanfast Thin Bleach 5L - How to use

The most common way of using a thin bleach is with a mopping system. Many public bathroom floors are deep cleaned and disinfected with thin bleach. Many house cleaning contractors are using thin bleach to deep clean grout, porcelain fittings like sinks, toilets & wall tiles. Bad odours from the drainage can be neutralised with thin bleach as well. Pour a bit of bleach inside the drain, wait 5 min & then pour a bucket of hot water to wash the bleach away. The bad odour will be neutralised.

You can also bleach white clothing to remove stains or to change colours. Many people are using thin bleach to kill growth on concrete footpaths.

Cleanfast Thin Bleach 5L - Safety

You are working with a very toxic product. Do not mix up the bleach with any other cleaning products, do not use it without proper safety equipment, do not use the same mops or cloths used to clean with bleach, on other surfaces,work in well ventilated areas.

Cleanfast Thin Bleach 5L

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