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Evans Clear Window Cleaner

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Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner


  • Professional glass cleaner and window cleaner from Evans

  • Suitable for commercial and heavy duty domestic cleaning

  • Cleans glass and mirrors to a perfect streak free finish 

  • Alcohol based, fast acting, safe to use, very reasonably priced

  • Can be used for cleaning porcelain floors

  • Highly efficient for fast removal of finger marks, grime and all type of glass dirt

  • Just spray it, scrub it and dry it out with a microfiber glass cloth

  • Safe to use on computer screens, keyboards, tv screens, phones

  • One of the most highly recommended window cleaning products


Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner - Where to use

This alcohol based glass and window cleaner can be used to deep clean and polish all types of glossy surfaces. Highly recommended for deep cleaning dirty windows, glass tables, mirrors, polished floors, commercial stainless steel frames & profiles, chrome, polished plastic and others. The product evaporates instantly and will leave any surface streak free and spotless. Many office cleaning companies use the product to clean TVs screens, computer screens & keyboards. Outstanding results guaranteed.


Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner - How to use

Spray the product onto the surface and scrub it with an absorbent cloth until the surface looks streak free. Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner is an alcohol based window & glass cleaner that will evaporate within a few seconds. The product can be used for light domestic cleaning and heavy duty commercial window cleaning. Very dirty glass might require an aggressive scourer scrub before drying it out. Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner is an excellent porcelain floor cleaning product as well


Try the new Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner now. A professional glass & window cleaner that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Just spray and wipe

Evans Clear Window & Glass Cleaner

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