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-very strong blue disinfecting wipes suitable for food preparation areas

-highly efficient, very cost effective and suitable for commercial & domestic

-it contains 70% ethanol & it is supplied in a hand size tube of 150 wipes

- Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200 are very effective against bacteria 




Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200

When it comes to food services, hygiene is of utmost importance. Whether it’s in your home, institutions like schools, office buildings, military bases, clubs, food processing facilities, restaurants, hotels, all through to long-term care facilities, you want to ensure that the persons being served are not at risk. A simple contamination from handling food a worktop with microbes can lead to an outbreak since many will consume it. For instance, onions getting chopped up at a fast food restaurant can get contaminated by pathogenic E.Coli, resulting in hundreds of people landing in hospital. That's not the situation you want in your home, or the kind of publicity you want for your business premises. In order to ensure proper sanitation levels, you want product that you can trust to kill food poisoning and other disease-causing bacteria. Turn to the Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200.

There are plenty of infections that can result from contaminated food products. For instance, Norovirus causes gastroenteritis, sometimes called the stomach flu, which results in inflammation of the stomach and intestines. Salmonella, the group of bacteria common in raw poultry, beef eggs and vegetables, cause symptoms like fever, diarrhoea and stomach cramps that can last for up to a week. It’s more serious when it affects infants, the elderly, or persons with chronic conditions. Listeria infections are also common, with fever and chills, headaches, upset stomach plus vomiting, caused by the Listeria monocytogenes. In some cases the infections are fatal. The spiral-shaped Campylobacter jejuni grows in cows and chickens, infecting them without showing any sings. But when their products are being handled in the kitchen, the bacteria can get transferred onto the different surfaces and other food items causing infection, which leads to stomach pains, diarrhoea and cramping. Clostridium perfringens, sometimes referred to as the "buffet germ", will latch onto your gravies, casserole and stews, where the large portions of food fuel its growth. It produces toxins that result in the cramping and diarrhoea. The microbes are numerous. You want to ensure your food doesn’t get contaminated. This begins by sanitising the areas you’re preparing it on, which is a job for the Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200.

Benefits Of The Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200

1. High sanitising efficacy

The Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200 come with 70% Ethanol and 1% Amphoteric Biocide that destroy the pathogens crawling on the food reparation areas and equipment. You get to protect your food and its handlers from the diverse range of microbes ranging from the Escherichia coli left behind from raw meat products, Salmonella from that raw tuna that you were dicing up, or unwashed fruit and vegetables, Campylobacter that's especially common when dealing with raw poultry, Listeria that could be growing and spreading on surfaces ranging from the countertops to the insides of the refrigerator, all through Vibrio that's associated with seafood. The Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200 are even effective against superbugs such as MRSA. They have been taken through independent testing, providing both initial and residual disinfection. The low odour of the Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200 means that you won’t have clients at the table in your restaurant and other kinds of food joints complaining, or your family at home, and it also makes it easy to work with.

2. Easy to work with

The size of the Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200 enables it to fit snuggly the hands as you go about the sanitisation of the different areas. You can use it across the scope, from the utensils, cutting boards, flatware, countertops and tables, and other areas where food can drip, drain, or splash onto. Moreover, the product is foil sealed in order to prevent leakage.

3. Colour coded

The blue Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200 ensure that there is no confusion when dealing with the cleaning supplies in your establishment. Blue is the designation for working on areas where food is being handled. This also makes it easy to keep track of inventory.

4. Budget friendly

The Optima Sanitising Probe Wipes x 200 enable you to meet your hygiene requirements without straining your budget. Firstly, the purchase price is affordable. Secondly they come in economical tub packages, enabling you to make a bulk purchase depending on the needs of your establishment.


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