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-the most efficient and the easiest way of cleaning hard surfaces

-one wipe will replace the need of using cloths or cleaning products

-it will clean and disinfect most types of hard surfaces & even glass

-recommended for commercial and domestic cleaning services

-it contains 70% ethanol that will evaportate within 10 seconds






Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200 Wipes Review

Germs are easy to pick up from those surfaces where raw foods are handled such as kitchen countertops, to those hotspots that are touched by everyone in the premises, like faucet levers appliance handles, door knobs, computer keyboards and mice, telephones, handheld video games, lift buttons, all through to the remote controller All it takes is one infected person to cough or sneeze into their hands and touch these areas, and someone else handling them to get contaminated. Even car features from the door handles and steering wheel to the gear shift itself are a source of concern. The bacteria and viruses can lie on these surfaces for days, retaining their effectiveness in causing infection. They can even get onto food items like that snack that you placed on the office desk and continued to take a bite off it. Proper hygiene is vital in order to prevent infections that can cause anything from mild discomfort and irritation, to getting one bedridden in hospital. Protect your loved ones at home, and the customers and employees in your business premises, by turning to the Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200.

There are different kinds of bacteria that need to be got rid of from the surfaces of your establishment. Take for instance Salmonella. It brings about salmonellosis, one of the most common causes of diarrhoea, which is more severe in the elderly, younger children and pregnant women. The bacteria is usually picked up from those countertops and other kitchen surfaces where raw meat and vegetables were being prepared. C. perfringens bacteria multiply rapidly, causing abdominal cramping and diarrhoea. Campylobacteriosis, the infection caused by the Campylobacter bacteria, is easily spread on the contaminated surfaces, and commonly affects infants and young children playing about. Staph infections can also occur, caused by Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria that produces toxins that lead to nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting or diarrhoea. Persons with chronic conditions such as eczema, vascular disease and lung conditions are at a higher risk. Then, of course, there's Escherichia coli, associated with food poisoning outbreaks as a result of anything from failing to wash hands to not keeping your cooking surfaces clean. The Norovirus spreads easily by coming in contact with surfaces that have been contaminated by someone who was infected, especially in crowded areas and busy environments. There are numerous infections that one can contract, and with the hustle and bustle of everyday life at the workplace, or simply relaxing or having a party at your home, you want to ensure that you are protected. That's a job for the Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200.

Benefits Of The Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200

1. Bactericidal

The core mandate of the Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200 is to disinfect your surfaces, and they perform superbly. They come with 70% Isopropanol that instantly eliminates the pathogens forming colonies on the hard surfaces in your establishment. That way, whether its preparing the dinner table for meals, cleaning up office desks at the workplace, disinfecting the toys that your kids play with, ensuring that the worktops, switches and door knobs in your home or school are not a medium for spread of infection, there are persons in the establishment who are ill and you want to reduce the risk of others contracting the infection, the Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200 have got you covered. Independently tested to ascertain their efficacy, they provide protection to the persons in the premises, enhancing the health and hygiene standards of your domestic and commercial operations.

2. Easy to use

At 20 x 22cm, the Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200 make it easy to disinfect the various surfaces in your establishment. The wide area overage of each single wipe reduces the amount of time needed to get over every section being worked on. This results in enhanced efficiency in ensuring that your operations in your home or business premises get carried out without a hitch.

3. Cost effective

The Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200 are affordably priced. As such, you get to make savings in your establishment’s hygiene maintenance program with every purchase you make. They are also economical to use, since each case comes with 12 tubes containing the 200 wipes. This means that each unit purchase gets to take you for the long haul.


Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes X 200
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