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Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes – Large Tub

  • Product Code: RH90
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-highly efficient and very cost effective wet wipes

-powerful cleaner and surface disinfecting wipes

-suitable for cleaning all types of hard surfaces

-suitable to use around the food preparation areas

-it will clean and disinfect in one easy operation

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

-1000 large wipes per tube (low alcohol wipes)

Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes – Large Tub For Kitchen Health And Safety

Bacteria can be anywhere in your kitchen. Considering the amount of material that is handled, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Take raw meats, fish and poultry products for instance. They carry pathogens like E. coli, which is one of the most commonly reported causes of foodborne illnesses, affecting both children and adults. Raw chicken and turkey spread shigella, salmonella, and even campylobacter. Do you run a restaurant that serves seafood- including oysters, clams and other kinds of shellfish? These are notorious for being contaminated with vibrio bacteria, and there have been cases of seafood spreading the Hepatitis A virus. Listeria monocytogenes in unpasteurized cheese, germs from fruits and vegetables depending on where they have been sourced from- lots of risks abound. Then there is the spread of contamination by the hands. Often, people overlook washing their hands in between handling the contaminated foods, for instance, after dealing with meat one proceeds to work on the vegetables. Surrounding surfaces also end up being touched, from the can openers and cutting boards, to the countertops and refrigerators. Blenders, egg beaters, sink faucets- they can be covered in pathogens. Add this to the cases of contaminated items being placed on countertops- like bags and phones. Just because the surfaces look clean, doesn’t mean they are safe. Disinfection is needed in addition to the routine cleaning. While the cleaning removes the visible soiling, food residue and dirt, disinfecting actually kills the pathogens themselves. For this, you want an efficient product. Turn to the Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes – Large Tub.

Tritex material

This is non-woven technology, which entails layers of spunbond and melt-blown polypropylene fibres being bonded together through high heat processes, after which hydrophilic coatings are applied. This enhances the efficiency of the Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes – Large Tub in multiple ways. Firstly, the structure of the wipes is stronger compared to conventional wipes, preventing tearing during usage. It also results in a very low linting material, alleviating the risk of fibres being left behind on the surfaces being worked on.  This also results in wipes that have superb solution retention- that way there is even wetness throughout the Optima wipes. The solution release is also efficient, that way the active disinfecting ingredients get transferred onto the target surface easily. 


How soon will the surface be ready for use? Disinfectants come with a recommended contact time- the duration needed for the bacteria on the surfaces to be reduced to safe levels. You don’t want to wait for long, given that it will have a direct impact on your operations. When working with the Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes – Large Tub, time is factored in, to speed up your operations. After wiping the surfaces, you will be able to safely resume your food preparation activities in 60 seconds. 

Remember to first remove the debris and food residue from the surfaces before wiping them. Grease, leftover material from food packaging and other kinds of gunk that are on the surface should first be got rid of, allowing the disinfecting action of the Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes to focus primarily on the microscopic pathogens themselves.

Optima Surface Disinfectant Wipes

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