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Clinitex Target Cleaning & Disinfection Wipes x 100

  • Product Code: R612P
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Clinitex Target Multi-Surface Disinfection Wipes x 100

  • Professional heavy duty cleaning and disinfection wipes

  • Available in a resealable pack - 100 large wipes per pack 

  • Will clean, sanitise and disinfect any surface in one go

  • Suitable for food preparation areas, hospitals, pubs, bars

  • Single use wipes eliminate the risk of cross contamination

  • Natural odour, fragrance free, leaves no residue or streaks

  • Alcohol and chlorine free, safe to use it on painted surfaces

Clinitex Target Multi-Surface Disinfection Wipes x 100 - Where to use

A very small and compact pack of professional sanitising wipes. It can be used for cleaning and disinfecting all types of painted surfaces, varnished surfaces, plastic, chrome, glass, stainless steel, copper, wood, etc. It will not affect sensitive surfaces and it will not leave a residue. The wipes are perfume free, alcohol free & chlorine free. Suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning. Sold in a pack of 100 large wipes. 

Clinitex Target Multi-Surface Disinfection Wipes x 100 - How to use

Just remove the sticker that seals the top of the pack and pull out a wipe. For larger areas pull out 2-3 wipes. Scrub the surface until the wipe looks dirty or dries up. Do not use the same wipes for more than one location to avoid cross contamination. The wipes can be used for disinfecting and sanitising projects. If a surface (floor or wall) is very dirty, clean the surface first and remove all residue. Then use the wipe to neutralise and kill harmful bacteria. Our wipes comply with all EU legislation.

Try the new Clinitex Target Multi-Surface Disinfection Wipes x 100. By using sanitising wipes you reduce the risk of cross contamination and you reduce the amount of tools and products required to disinfect an area. No more sprays, bottles, rags, paper and other cleaning products. Just pull one wipe from the pack and clean the surface.

Clinitex Target Multi-Surface Disinfection Wipes x 100

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