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Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 25.5" x 36"  | 10 Bags Per Roll

-Irish manufactured degradable plastic bags

-heavy duty domestic & commercial suitable 

-manufactured 100% from recycled materials

-sold in rolls of 10 bags (also available in boxes)

-degradable plastic breaks down in under 2 years

-25.5” x 36” , very popular degradable rubbish bags

Eco-friendly Waste Management With The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 25.5" x 36"

Food scraps and yard waste make up over a quarter of the waste that is in landfills- being a huge contributor to the increasing size of these sites. This is not just an eyesore, but the organic matter getting anaerobically decomposed is one of the main sources of methane productions around the world. Methane itself is a potent greenhouse gas, with its heat-trapping capacity contributing to global warming. The composting process diverts the organic content from the landfills, and also utilises them. The by-products of the process are carbon dioxide, water and biomass that can be reintegrated back into the soil. By taking a huge quantity of material out of the solid waste stream that would have winded up in the landfills, their growth rate gets reduced, together with the expenses that go into running them.  Using the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 25.5" x 36" to dispose of the organic matter that is generated in your home or business premises enables the garbage collection crew to take it directly to the composting facilities. 

When it comes to the soil, the biomass that is produced after the composting process adds value in multiple ways. For starters, it improves drainage on the heavy clay soils, and adds to the water retention capacity of the light sandy soil. The action of humus, where it binds the particles of the crumbling soil together, aids in preventing erosion. The micro and macronutrients that are added to the soil increase its quality, positively impacting plant growth. Better root growth also aids in reducing soil erosion.  What’s more, the micronutrients that are in the compost come with a pesticide-like effect. This means that you get to reduce the dependence on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The compost that’s added to the soil aids in regulating its acid and alkaline levels, promoting its biodiversity, including enabling organisms like earthworms to thrive. When the waste is disposed of using bin bags like the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 25.5" x 36", you get to ensure that the content gets taken to composting centres that facilitate this process. 

Benefits Of The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 25.5" x 36" 

  1. Large size

You want a bin bag that will have sufficient volume to hold the waste that is being produced on the premises. Size is also a key factor when checking the compatibility with the bin, since you don’t want a case of excess overhang caused by the bag being too big, or situations where the bin bag is too small, such that there isn’t sufficient material to tie it when disposing off the waste, or it doesn’t fit in the bin. 

At 25.5" x 36", these compostable sacks can handle the amounts of waste generated by families with large food bins. Each single unit gets to meet the demand of the busy modern-day families, and can also be used on commercial establishments looking to effectively dispose of the organic waste. 

  1. Strong material

When handling kitchen waste, especially in areas like restaurants and for the catering companies, you want units that will be strong enough to handle the loads of waste that are generated. Situations where you try to lift the bag- like when the garbage collection crew have come to dispose of it, then the bag rips and spills the waste onto the floor, can be a messy affair. You don’t want this happening on your business premises, or when catering during an event. The spilled organic waste, complete with the odours, is unsightly, and will instantly attract a horde of pests- not to mention it immediately soiling the appetites of your customers. This is not an occurrence that you want taking place, as it will dent the image of your business. The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 25.5" x 36" are heavy-duty units, that will efficiently handle the weight of the waste generated in commercial kitchens and others within the food and catering industry. 

  1. Easy on your budget

At an affordable price and economical packaging of 10 bags per roll, you get to make savings on your waste disposal program. The strength of the Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 25.5" x 36", coupled with the large volume of each unit, further cuts down on costs incurred by reducing the frequency with which the bin bag changes take place. 

Eco-friendly Waste Management With The Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 25.5" x 36"

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