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Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags

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Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags

-universal use 24 x 44 biodegradable blue bags

-suitable for commercial and  domestic waste

-made from quality 22 micron biodegradable plastic

-it will hold 30 kg of wet and dry general rubbish

-available in rolls of 25 bags or boxes of 200 bags

-next day delivery guaranteed within Co Dublin



Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags

Waste management is critical for living and working in a healthy environment. Trash is generated on a daily basis, in residential and commercial establishments alike. With the

average person generating over 4 pounds of trash every day, that's about 1.5 tonnes of solid waste per year. In fact, it is estimates that 2.2 billion tonnes of waste are dumped every year around the world. Anywhere there are humans, they are consuming products whose leftovers get tossed away. Since you don’t want trash getting blown all over your yard by wind, or gunk spilling onto the floors of your business premises, the bin comes in to provide a secure holding location. It’s temporary, being emptied on a regular basis by the garbage collectors, and the gunk being taken to disposal sites. If this weren’t the case, you’d be dealing with a sanitation hazard in your home or business premises. Risks of infections from bacteria transmitted by those flies perching onto the decaying organic matter, all through to injuries from cuts by items like sharp shards of glass and rusty metals in the trash get to be avoided. Then there's the issue of those chemicals that are left over in their containers. When not properly disposed of, these can find their way into the water bodies and pollute the environment. The same goes for plastics too. You want to ensure that you keep the environment around you safe. Hence, bins are a must-have. Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags come in to ensure that they perform optimally.

Throwing the trash directly into the bin leads to all sorts of inconveniences. For starters,

there's that organic material that is sticky. As it continues building up as more material is added and it’s pressed onto the wall and floor of the bin, where it latches onto the surface. This means that when the bin is being emptied, you'll have the additional task of scraping off the gunk. What of the liquid waste? This ranges from those chemicals in bottles with broken seals, to the viscous ooze from the decaying organic matter. You don’t want it to flow out of

the bin. That will just be messy, unsightly and then there'll be the odours to deal with. You don’t want that for your home or business premises. Speaking off emptying the bin, there will be different issues to contend with. One, transferring the waste from the bin into the garbage truck will take longer, what with the extra precautionary measures that will need to be taken. There’s risks of the items getting poured all over the yard and the immediate environment where the emptying is being carried out. Hauling out the whole bin will also create more fuss. All this can be avoided simply by investing in the Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags

Benefits Of The Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags

1. Voluminous

You want a bin liner that will meet the high demand of trash generated in your busy home or commercial establishment. The 26 x 44 Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags meet the bill. They

handle everything from the ordinary paper waste, glass bottles and aluminium cans, all through to the grass and other kinds of yard waste. The 20 micron thickness makes them a high density product capable of handling the load without tearing.

2. Blue

Waste management is an orderly process. There items that are recyclable, others compostable, and others hazardous. Each should ideally go to its intended bin, as the separation will ensure that the contents are disposed of correctly. Having a coloured bin

liner enables you to direct how the items that are to be put in the trash in your premises will be segregated. The specific colour scheme varies depending on the location and the requirements of the local authorities where public garbage collection systems are in place. The Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags will fit right into it. For instance, blue is usually intended for household rubbish, paper products from cake boxes, chip bags envelopes, and egg boxes food tins, cream tubs and bottles, fabric softener and stain remover containers, soft drink bottles, all through to the food waste that cannot be composted.

3. Eco-conscious waste management

The Earth is ours to protect. After all, it’s not like we have a planet B to move to once we

destroy this one. Hence, greater emphasis in being made on putting in place measures that are safe for the environment in the various activities we do in our daily lives, from the modes of transport we choice, the way we run industries, the shopping we undertake all through to how we get rid of waste. The responsibility lies on each of our shoulders. Waste is a growing threat to the environment. Of the average 4.4 pounds of waste a person produces daily, 2.3 pounds of it ends up in landfills. Here, there are numerous aspects that affect the environment. Gases ranging from methane, carbon (IV) oxide ammonia, and even sulphides get produced. Methane itself is a more potent greenhouse gas compared to the carbon (IV)

oxide. Some of the gases also create an odour problem- like the hydrogen sulphide that makes every drive by a landfill pervade your senses with the stench of rotting eggs. Pollution of the oils and ground water is also a threat. You want to be able to effectively implement your establishment's waste management program without negatively impacting on the environment The Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags allow you to achieve this. 100% biodegradable, they get broken down through natural processes by microorganisms in the ground, hence do not contribute to the gunk choking up the landfills. In fact, they do

the opposite. By being decomposed, they release the nutrients in them plus the organic matter in the trash back to the soil, hence enriching the humus and promoting the biodiversity. This enables you to get rid of the waste while simultaneously playing your role in protecting this blue planet of ours.

4. Cost convenient

You want to implement an effective waste management program without punching hole through your wallet. The affordable Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags enable you to do so. You get to make bulk purchase of rolls that will take you for the long haul, thus lowering your overall costs. In addition, the 26 x 44 size means that each of the Biodegradable Blue Refuse Bags will take up plenty of waste, hence reducing the number of times that the bin will need to be emptied, and further cutting down on your costs. Moreover, since you won’t need to double-bag it the waste, you get maximum use out of every bin bag.


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