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26" x 44" Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags 52 Micron x 25 Bags

  • Product Code: GEMINI
  • Availability: 100

 -very strong biodegradable 100% waste bags

-recommended for commercial, schools, pubs

-available in boxes of 200 or single rolls of 25

-made from quality 52 micron organic plastic

-its size : 26 x 44 will fit most rubbish bins in Ireland

-one of our the most popular plastic black bag 


Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags


Waste is one of those things in life that is guaranteed to always be an issue. It will be generated on a daily basis. Whether it’s at home or in commercial establishments, as long as there are human beings carrying out their tasks, going shopping, snacking away, shredding up papers, doing some gardening, renovating buildings- it will build up. But the trash doesn’t have to be a nuisance. It can be managed by tossing it into bins, waiting for the garbage collection crew to come around and pick it, ferrying it to the disposal sites. Without the bins, you are moments away from a crisis. The trash gets blown all over the area, making the premises unsightly, and risking contamination especially from the decaying organic matter. Then there are those items like plastics, leftover chemicals from cleaning supplies, to the industrial oils used when running machinery, that are a direct threat to the environment. They ruin the natural habitat of plants and animals, polluting the water bodies and threatening their survival. You don’t want to be responsible for choking animals as they consume the plastics that wind up in their vicinity. Those children playing in the premises are also at risk, especially from sharp objects like rusty metals and glass which could cause serious injury and infection. Using bins prevents this from happening. Getting the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags enables them to operate efficiently.


Plenty of issues come into play when dealing with the gunk that's piling up in the bin. For starters, you want it to remain inside, not come oozing out onto your floor. The sight that would result would be horrendous. Then there's the issue of odours. You want them to be controlled, not permeating the interior space, pervading people's nostrils and acting as a beacon for the flies and scavengers in the vicinity. The bin itself is also at risk. The contents of the trash can stick to its walls and edges, or even lead to the surface being affected with discolouration due to corrosion. As the bacteria decomposes the organic matter, acids and heat are produced, that may end up damaging the bin- especially since it will be in constant use. Then there are those chemicals that get thrown into the trash be they in bottles or bags. In case they get perforated and pour over the rest of the waste, you don’t want them coming into contact with the bin itself. During collection day, you also don’t want to create hard time for the crew loading the waste into the garbage truck. Having to carry the entire bin will take up more of their time, and they also have to take extra measures to 

prevent the bin from opening and pouring the contents all over your property. Investing in the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags will enable you to avoid all this fuss.


Benefits Of The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags


1. High strength


The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags are true to their name. At 52 microns, they come with enhanced strength, giving them the capacity of handling the waste from 

home activities, the business environment and even gardening. In fact, their high-strength attributes are core to their increased demand. After all, everyone wants a bin bag that is sure to hold its own under the strain of the loads it will bear. From food waste, textiles, batteries, nappies, newspaper, magazines, cardboard packaging, 

aluminium and steel cans, aerosol cans, glass bottles and jars, all through to grass cutting, leaves and flowers, pruning twigs and those small branches, the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags will be up to the task. They will hold in the trash without tearing, which is also beneficial when it comes to lifting the 

waste from the bin during disposal. In addition, they prevent odours from spreading into the environment, enabling you to have conducive living and working conditions. 


2. Fully biodegradable


When it comes to waste management, the environmental impact of the contents getting tossed to the trash comes into focus. After all, it’s a leading cause of the issues affecting the planet. Take landfills for instance, the de-facto destination for most of the waste generated on a daily basis. Due to the rapid rate at which the waste is piling up, decomposition occurs slowly. Even natural products like fruit and vegetable residue can take weeks. Anaerobic processes then occur, especially since the layers of waste minimise the amount of oxygen available. This leads to greenhouse gases such as methane being produced. It traps more radiation compared to carbon dioxide. The plastic bags getting tossed with trash to the landfills take dozens of centuries to be broken down, further affecting the ecosystem around it. This makes putting in place measures that are safe for the environment when dealing with waste to be a priority. In comes the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags. 100% biodegradable, they do not pose a threat to Mother Nature. You won’t have to worry about them increasing the gunk piling up in landfills, or destroying the biodiversity in the areas where the waste is disposed of. On the contrary, the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags are not only safe, but they also aid in enriching the soil. For for instance, when dealing with organic waste, the bags get broken down together with the matter, adding to the nutrients in the soil's humus, further promoting its ability for it to support life. This means that you get to effectively take out the trash generated in your home or business premises, and cut down on your carbon footprint at the same time.


3. Cost convenient


Times are hard, and every penny should count. Part of the reason why the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags are very popular is the cost savings that they provide. First, they are affordable. This means that you start cutting on costs right off the bat. Secondly, the 26 x44 size means that the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags can hold loads of waste at a go. Hence, you get more use out of each purchase you make. Their superior strength removes the need for double bagging. Therefore, every single bag gets to serve you fully, giving you a value return for the amount you spend.

Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin Bags



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