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Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags / Stronghold Range

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-biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags 18" x 29" x 37"

-some of the most popular black bags from our bio range

-our black bags are made from 100% biodegradable plastic

-very affordable, very strong, very durable and very light

-you need to see the quality of this product to fully appreciate

-the ideal black bag for schools, hotels, pubs, gyms, etc

-please ask for a free sample or drop around our office



Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags  Review


When going for bin bags, you look at 3 main things: convenience, carrying capacity, and durability. For starters you want a bags that can fit in your waste bin, without the excessive unsightly overhang. You’ve worked hard to establish a stylish décor for your residential or commercial space, and you don't want it being ruined by bin bags that refuse to fit. The carrying capacity of the bag determines how much you can load into it. High trafficked areas and commercial establishments have huge waste turnovers- from the mounds of paper waste generated from office work, snacks being fed on by everyone in the building, all through to the occasional item casings and boxes tossed into the garbage can. You want bin bags that can handle the load of garbage that's generated. Turn to the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags 


The durability of the bin bag is vital for plenty of reasons. You don't want the bag ripping and spilling its contents into the bin. That makes it hard to wash, and reeks up the surrounding space. Worse is when the contents get spilled onto the floor of your kitchen or business premises. In your home, it will make the living conditions unbearable, stinking up the place and nauseating everyone. In business premises, it’s a disaster- the spilled contents attract hordes of flies, chase off clients, make your employees uncomfortable, and damage your business brand. You don't want all this being caused by low-standard bags. Turn to the quality products. You want bin bags that can handle the demand of large waste quantities without tearing up. That's a job for the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags 


Benefits Of The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags 

1. Superior strength

You can use the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags  to haul anything from light waste all through to 7kg of material. The strength of the bags means you won't have to worry about unwanted leaks and messes in the bin. This also has advantages when it comes to general maintenance. For instance, the garbage management personnel get to empty the bin much easier and faster. Instead of hauling around the entire trash they can simply lift out the bag without any fuss. The strength of the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags  adds on to the convenience, since the lifting can be done without the bag tearing.


2. Thickned for heavy duty use


The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags  come at 20 microns thick. You can use it to hold anything from the fruit waste, leftover food, bread and cereals, vegetable peels, egg shells from the kitchens and restaurants, paper towels and napkins, all through to garden waste, saw dust and wood shavings, hay, straw, ashes, glass, and even those disdainful clothes that really need to be tossed away.


3. High carrying capacity 

The light Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags  measure 18" x 29" x 37", meaning that they can hold lots of trash. This makes it a popular option for hotels and restaurants, school cafeterias, office buildings, and even industrial spaces. This further reduces the amount of time spent on waste management, as you can haul plenty of garbage at a go. 


4. High density

This enhances the durability of the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags. It increases the ability of the bags to withstand sharp objects, hence reducing the potential for puncturing. The high density of the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags 18 also prevents the odours caused by the decaying waste content in them from spreading into the environment. You get to preserve the air quality of the building, and also avoid attracting flies and other pesky pests.


5. Black bags

You can't see through it-and neither can the customers and employees walking around your commercial establishment. No one really wants to see the contents of someone else's garbage, in just the same way you don’t look forward to other people seeing what you throw in the trash. The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags conceals the waste from curious passers-by, and any wandering animals looking for a snack. It also makes the garbage look well placed. The black trash bag are popular partly because of the aesthetic value. They make the garbage not appear messy. 


6. Green bags

This is not about the colour- it's the eco-friendly nature of the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags. They are 100% biodegradable, hence safe for Mother Nature. These bags are great for food waste and other organic material, as they can be added to your compost heap. In case the bags are going directly to the landfill, you'll still have made your contribution in preserving the environment. This is because Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags  will have disintegrated in just 2 years, returning to the earth its resources. 


7. Cost effective

You can get the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags  in affordable packs, coming with 8 rolls per case, and each roll having 25 sacks. This cuts down on the amount of funds you spend on the waste management programs of your establishment. 


How To Use Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags 

1. Simply insert the bin bag into the bin.

2. When full or during garbage collection day, take it out and dispose it with the rest of the contents in it.

Tips For Using The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags 

· You can cut small scraps into pieces before throwing them into the bin, especially for the organic items, since it will make them decompose faster when they reach the compost heap or landfill.

· It's recommended that you wash your bin with an antibacterial disinfectant at least every two months, in order to get rid of any residue, reduce odours and kill germs. 

· The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags are great for composting. You can use them to hold the organic waste from your household or commercial premises and turn it into nutrient-rich humus to fuel plant growth.

· Double bag any liquid waste that's intended to be disposed in the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags. This is to avoid them getting pierced and spilling all over the rest of the items. 

· Empty your bin regularly. You don't want to keep the waste too long since it will continue decomposing and build up a stench.


Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags

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