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Biodegradable Yellow Bin Bags X 200 Bags Per Box

  • Product Code: 2314
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Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44”

  • Top quality plastic bags manufactured in Ireland

  • Suitable for medium domestic and commercial use

  • Sold in boxes of 200 bags or rolls of 25 bags per roll

  • It will fit most standard rubbish/waste bins in Ireland

  • Manufactured locally from recycled plastic materials

  • 22 micron thickness, dark yellow colour, very tough

Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44” - Where to use

Our Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44” are usually used for sorting out waste by colour or for all types of recycling projects. Many hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc are using the yellow plastic bags to dispose hazardous waste. It can be used for daily waste collection as well. The Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44” is tough enough for medium commercial use.

Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44” - Recycled plastic

By using a plastic bag manufactured from recycled plastic, you do your bit for the planet. No need to extract more oil and generate more pollution. Same plastic used for cups, plastic tea spoons, wraps, etc, will be reused to create our amazing Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44”. By not having to travel long distances, you also save in pollution. Our bags are made in Dublin.

Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44” - Locally manufactured

Our Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44” are manufactured locally from recycled plastic. The bags are a great investment for your company and it also supports the local economy. Tough, affordable and suitable for domestic and commercial use. Then the Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44” can be recycled over and over. 

Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44” - Delivery

Place your order online today and receive your plastic bags by tomorrow. is your local distributor of plastic bags, recycled plastic bags, degradable plastic bags, compostable plastic bags & more

Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44”

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