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Clear Biodegradable Refuse Bags x 25

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-the ideal biodegradable plastic bag for the restaurants

-it will hold with ease up to 30 kg of wet & dry rubbish

-available in boxes of 200 bags or rolls of 25 bags

-suitable for commercial and domestic general waste

-our clear refuse bag is made from 22 micron plastic




Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range Review

Proper waste disposal is vital to ensure the sanitation standards of residential and commercial establishments alike. Contaminants can lead to the spread of serious illnesses, and the last thing you want is an outbreak in your home or business premises. There are also those sharp objects in the trash, ranging from glass shards to rusty metals that can cause injuries, especially to kids playing around the area. The plastics getting blown about the area can end up being consumed by animals and causing choking, from the grazers to those bits that actually end up in water bodies. You also don’t want the beauty of the

environment around you to be taken away by bits of trash littered around. Residue chemicals from used household products, if not properly taken care of, will end up damaging your intricate landscaping that you had worked so hard to set up, and can even leaching into the ground water below. That’s not the kind of environment you to live or work in. This is why bins are vital. They enable you to have a temporary holding place for the trash that's generated, in readiness for it to be whisked off by the garbage collectors swinging by on a

regular basis. For the bins to be effective in managing the waste, they work with the Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range.

The gunk going into the bins is messy. When it clings to the walls of the bin, you have an

additional cleaning chore to take care of. You don’t want to be forced to deal with slime on the edges and corners of the bin on each collection day. What’s more, some of the contents, especially the liquid in bags, can get ruptured and end up covering the rest of the material, or oozing out of the bin itself. You don’t want the slime getting onto the interior space. Not only is it unsightly, but the decomposition process will have started, which ends up reeking up the

premises. Then there's the issues with the collection itself. Getting the gunk out of the bin and into the truck is difficult when it's splattered all over the insides. Scraping it off the walls increases the collection time. The crew may even overlook doing it, and leave you to deal with the bits and pieces left behind. There’s also the risk of the items pouring out when the bin is being lifted. The mess ends up covering your lawn. The personnel themselves may get inured as they empty it, especially when there are sharp objects in the bin. You don’t want these risks cropping up every collection day. Prevent this from happening using the Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range.

Benefits Of The Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range

1. High density

The 22 micron Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range can carry heavy loads generated from the waste in residential and commercial establishments without tearing. This

makes it popular option for handling waste from daily home activities all through to the paper waste, rags, aluminium and plastic waste, glass and other items in office buildings,restaurants, shopping malls and even educational institutions. The 26 x 44 size enables them to meet the demands of the high waste turnover in the establishments.

2. Clear

The Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range enables you to implement a recycling program in your establishment, for the environmental conservation benefits. For

instance, recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator. Items that go into the clear bins range from paper products like newspapers, magazines and catalogues, telephone directories, junk mail and envelopes, that office paper that was shredded up, plastic bottles and packaging, food and drink cans and aerosol cans, foil, all through to plastic food trays, margarine tubs and yoghurt pots, plus film and wrappers.

3. Eco friendly

Waste management is a core concern among governing bodies, regulatory institutions, environmental groups, and individual persons around the world. They all require one thing: that waste be disposed of through processes that are safe for the environment. The

growing number and size of landfills is worrying, and so is their effect on the environment. There are plenty of gases that are emitted from the landfills with methane taking the cake for being the most dangerous. It’s more potent as a greenhouse gas compared to carbon dioxide, and is generated when the organic waste in the trash gets broken down anaerobically. This is because the mountains of waste building up in the landfills makes it difficult for microorganisms to access oxygen. The environmental impact of the landfills spans over to pollution of the soil, especially when the plastic bags that take aeons to be

broken down distort the land ecosystem. It gets worse when animals scavenging around consume the bags. There are also issues like fires, especially due to the production

of the landfill gases that are highly flammable- like methane. Combustible chemicals just add to the risk. You want to get rid of the waste without risking the future of generations that are to come. The Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range enables you to achieve this. It is 100% biodegradable, being broken down by organisms like bacteria in the ground once it is disposed of. This means that it won’t be adding to the growing amount of gunk in the landfills, and you won’t have to worry about the bags choking up the environment. Hence, you get to effectively get rid of the waste in your establishment and reduce your carbon

footprint at the same time.

4. Budget friendly

With the Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range, you get to implement your waste management program without breaking the bank. The bags themselves are affordably

priced. You can get them in a box of 200, or in rolls of 25- whichever suits your establishment needs. In addition, the 26 x 44 size of the Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range means that each unit can hold in lots of waste, thus you get to obtain more value from the purchases you make. This has the effect of further cutting own your waste management costs down the road.



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