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Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack - Cream

-domestic & commercial suitable degradable plastic bags

-manufactured 100% from recycled plastic components

-30” x 39” (762 mm by 940 mm), heavy duty plastic bags

-sold in rolls of 25 bags or in boxes of 200 bags (8 rolls)

-Earth2earth bags will fully disintegrate in the ground

Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack - Cream

Getting rid of trash is a process. It's not just about tossing those empty wrappers, drink cans, and shredded paper into the bin. How the waste is disposed of comes into play. This involves aspects such as segregation, where the different materials are sorted based on their intended destination, be it compost heaps, incinerators or landfills. When selecting the bin bag to use, the size also matters. Here, you want a unit that will be compatible with the bin that it is to be set up in, and have the capacity to handle the amount of waste that will be generated on the premises. You don’t want the trash to keep spilling over because of the refuse sack getting full too quickly, or for the costs to skyrocket because of the frequent changes that will be necessitated. The strength of the material is also key. A weak sack can wreak havoc. Imagine a situation where you go to lift up the refuse sack from the bin- like during the garbage collection days, only for its bottom to give way, then the contents get sprawled out all over the place. This result is messy and unsightly, with odours reeking up the place. These are not scenarios that you want playing out in your home, or the activities in your business premises getting ground to a halt due to such unfortunate incidences. With the Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack - Cream, you get a quality and effective waste disposal unit, that delivers on its mandate. 

The threat of plastic to the environment

Firstly, plastics take centuries to degrade. That flimsy bag that is tossed out today in the garbage bin, picked up and ferried to landfills, will remain there for multiple family generations. The slow rate of degradation makes plastic waste to be a core reason behind the growing size of landfills. These are not only an eyesore, but the waste poses also risks to animal and human health. Add to this the fact that mismanaged waste often ends up far out in the ocean, either by wind, tides, or transported to the coastline from the inland waterways. Dumping in the open, uncontrolled landfills, everyday littering- they all have a negative impact on the environment. Take entanglement for instance. Marine animals, from turtles, seals to seabirds, are often entangled by plastic debris, which results in injury and death. The material is also ingested. This can be unintentional- like when predators mistake plastic bags for jellyfish; intentionally where the animal actually feeds on the product assuming that it is just another meal; or indirectly where the animals higher up the food chain consume species that have plastics in their body systems. From tiny plastics that are consumed by oysters or mussels to the larger films that are taken in by large fish species, seals and even dolphins, to cases where whales have been known to gobble up plastic sheeting.  Ingesting the plastics blocks the digestion tract, which reduces stomach capacity, causes reduced appetite, and the obstruction can cause issues like ulcerative lesions, or gastric rupture, and ultimately death. The need to reduce the reliance on plastic products has led to the push for alternative materials for the different aspects of our day-to-day lives, from the shopping bags we use, all through to bin bags for dealing with the garbage. The Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack – Cream comes in for the latter.

Emphasizing on environmental sustainability

This unit has been developed to enable you to get rid of the trash without increasing your carbon footprint. The material is biodegradable, getting broken down by microbial action into water, carbon dioxide plus biomass, which will be safe for Mother Nature. There won’t be toxins getting generated in the process. What’s more, the fast degradation releases the contents of the trash, allowing them to be exposed to the mechanical stresses in the waste disposal facility, heat, and aspects such as the sun’s UV radiation, which makes them also degrade at a faster rate. This contributes to reducing the rate at which landfills are popping up around the globe. As such, incorporating the Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack – Cream into your building’s waste disposal program will be taking the eco-friendly route, and it increases awareness amongst the persons on the premises. 

Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack - Cream

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