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Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18" - 20 Bags Per Roll

-high quality compostable plastic bags from Earth2earth

-manufactured 100% from recycled plastic components

-suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial use

-sold in rolls of 20 bags, 18" x 18” (455 mm x 455 mm)

-All Earth2earth bags are manufactured in Ireland

-it will full disintegrate in the ground within 2 years

Turn To Green Waste Disposal With The Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18"

The importance of ethical disposal of waste cannot be overemphasized. The future of our environment is dependent on it. Each year, millions of tonnes of waste are generated, with a huge percentage of it winding up in landfills. The number of landfills popping up around the world leads to detrimental effects on the environment. For instance, landfills are some of the greatest contributors to methane emissions. Methane, whose heat-trapping capacities are around 25 times greater than those of carbon dioxide, is generated due to the anaerobic biodegradation of the organic waste that has been disposed of in landfills. The destination of the waste produced in your domestic or commercial facility is key. The bin bags in which it is stored gets to be used to determine whether the waste will be taken to incinerators, landfills, or composting sites. When particularly dealing with organic waste, you want it to be sent off to composting facilities- which will go a long way in reducing the methane production at landfills. What’s more, the composting process is beneficial to the environment, as it results in nutrients from the waste material being reintegrated back into the soil, which reduces the usage of synthetic fertilizers- further lowering your carbon footprint. With the Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18", you get to ensure that the waste gets composted. 

What You Get From The Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18"

When dealing with the trash that is generated on a day-to-day basis, you want a bin bag that can hold in the contents securely, without getting ripped whenever the bag is lifted out of the bin. The strength of the construction is a key factor in the selection of the optimal bin bag for your needs. Size also comes into consideration, where you want to go with a unit that is compatible for your particular bin, and with sufficient volume to handle the amount of waste that is being produced. What of the brand? Here, you want to deal with a brand that has been proven to deliver on its mandate, with a verifiable track record on the quality of the products that it brings to the market. Earth2Earth bin liners, refuse and compostable sacks are renowned for their effectiveness, and have met EU requirements on biodegradability and environmental sustainability. The Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18" in particular comes with the TUV certification, that assures of 100% compostability of the product. 

The Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18" can be used for disposal of everyday food and kitchen waste, from the vegetable and fruit peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, teabags, bread and noodles, to the paper products in the office. These units have met the EN13432 standards, and are truly compostable. As such, you can be sure that the nutrients that are within the organic matter that is disposed of using the Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18” will revert back into the environment. This has the welcome bonus of reducing your carbon footprint. Are you a business owner? Having compostable bags in your office or retail space for your customers to use portrays you as an enterprise that is concerned about environmental care- and that’s a boost to your image. As more customers turn to green companies that are actively involved in environmental sustainability, getting with the wave contributes to growing your market share. Turning to the Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18" aids in this, and it also improves environmental awareness amongst your staff. 

Certainly, you don’t want to go broke with the waste disposal program of your premises. Costs are a key consideration when deciding the type of bin bag that you want for your establishment. In this regard, the Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18" comes with a pocket-friendly price, and an economical package where each box has 500 units. This means that you will have plenty of bags available to replace those that get full, reducing the frequency with which new purchases are required for the establishment. What’s more, with the strong construction of the material, you won’t need to double-bag the waste, thus ensuring that you get optimal usage out of each of the Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18".

Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18"

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