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Earth2earth Swing Bin Liners 62 cm x 75 cm | Green | Recycled

Earth2Earth Swing Bin Liners 62 cm x 75 cm | Recycled

  • Heavy duty recycled and recyclable swing bin liners from Earth2Earth

  • Sold in rolls of 25 bags or boxes of 500 bags | Green | 62 cm x 75 cm

  • Much stronger & cheaper than other similar products from other brands 

  • Highly recommended for the healthcare industry, retail offices, schools

  • A 4 layer plastic bag | Anti-bacterial | Great for odour control & prevention

  • It will fit most standard swing bins and it can hold dry waste and liquids

  • Our recycled antibacterial swing bin liners meet all EU quality standards

  • By using recycled bags you positively participate in the circular economy

  • These bin liners are suitable for residential use, commercial use & industrial use

  • The bags are clearly labelled with the Earth2Earth logo on the both sides 

Earth2Earth Swing Bin Liners 62 cm x 75 cm | Recycled | Why Use It

Besides the fact that this particular type of plastic bag is manufactured from a 3 layer plastic component that makes it very strong and very hard to puncture, the bag also has great antibacterial qualities that can help with odour control and harmful bacteria multiplication. Being manufactured from recycled plastic means that no new raw materials were used in the process of manufacturing and that plastic waste was used to make it. Being recyclable means that the same plastic bag can be recycled over and over with no need of creating new raw materials. By using recycled plastic bags, you will have a great positive impact on the planet and you will be participating in the circular economy by promoting recycling initiatives and actively demonstrating your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint.

Earth2Earth Swing Bin Liners 62 cm x 75 cm | Recycled | Where To Use

A recycled plastic bag that is highly popular with the healthcare industry, educational institutions, retail, all office use and also the residential market. The bag is very strong and it is suitable for all kinds of heavy duty commercial use. It can be used for indoor and outdoor waste collection. It can hold all kinds of dry waste and wet waste. The bag is also very well priced for the level of quality provided. Its 3 layer system makes it highly resistant to ripping and leaking.

Earth2Earth Swing Bin Liners 62 cm x 75 cm | Recycled | How To Use It

It is essential to select the right plastic bag for the right bin. The bin has to fit in nicely without being too loose or too tight. The rolls are perforated and very easy to pull one bag at the time. Pull gently to make sure that the bottom of the bag does not get ripped. While the new Earth2Earth Swing Bin Liners 62 cm x 75 cm | Recycled | can be used with pretty much any type of general waste, you should avoid disposing of sharp objects, very hot items or harsh chemicals. Do not overfill the bags. Replace the bag when it looks 80-90% full. 

Earth2Earth Swing Bin Liners 62 cm x 75 cm | Recycled | Recommendation

Do not keep the new Earth2Earth Swing Bin Liners 62 cm x 75 cm | Recycled in direct sunlight. Do not store the bags in a wet and damp environment. Do not put ashes in the bag. When dealing with risky waste, like hospital waste, make sure to dispose of it in specially designed bins. If you are looking for any kind of recycled, compostable or carbon captured plastic bags or gloves, please just visit our website and place your order online. We have all sizes and all thickness bags available in stock.

Earth2Earth Swing Bin Liners 62 cm x 75 cm | Recycled 

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