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Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners

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-very strong green biodegradable bin liners 30 L

-available in boxes of 200 bags or rolls of 50 bags

-suitable for commercial & domestic waste collection

-these bags are made from 100% biodegradable plastic

-it will hold up to 10 kg of dry and wet normal waste




Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners Review

Waste- it's everywhere. A by-product of our day lives, it needs to be properly handled.

Otherwise there'd be a sanitation crisis. From business centres to our very own homes, loads of trash pile up, and the bin becomes necessary. A temporary holding location before the garbage collectors come around and haul it off to the landfill. That way you won’t have to deal with the trash getting blown all over the place. The last thing you want is those vegetable peels and drink cans getting sprawled around your yard or having your business premises covered in gunk. Not only is it displeasing to the eyes, but it also can do a lot of damage. For instance, leftovers from cleaning products and other chemicals used around the house, those plastics from the shopping that was carried out, and kits for holding the snacks your clients munch away at while in your business premises, when they aren’t disposed of properly can end up in water streams, rivers and lakes, thus polluting the environment. Scavenging animals cause breakages of the glass and plastic containers holding the chemicals, these can seep into the ground reaching the water table underneath. They can also affect your landscaping, killing the biodiversity around your property. The bins come

in to prevent this from happening. However, they aren’t used on their own. To increase their efficacy, turn to the Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners.

There are plenty of factors that need to be considered when dealing with trash. First, you don’t want there to be an invasion by pests and insects. This will create a health hazard and not to mention turn people off. You also want to control odours and leakage. Gunk oozing out of the bin is not how you want things to go. Then there's that gunk that ends up sticking to the walls of the bin itself. When it is emptied, intense cleaning will need to be done to protect the structural integrity of the bin, and to reduce the effects of the corrosive substances that have just been removed- only for more to be added, and the cycle repeats itself. The ease of taking out the trash also comes in. You want the garbage maintenance personnel to have a breeze. Taking out the whole trash can just makes the process more complicated. And it will take a longer time. With all this there's the added risk of the contents getting spilled. With nothing to hold it together, the gunk can end up covering the vicinity, in case of a minor

miscalculation when the waste is being lifted into the garbage truck. You also don’t want the personnel to be at risk of getting injured by sharp objects in the trash as they empty it. All this can be avoided by incorporating the Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners into the waste management program.

Benefits Of The Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners

1. Large capacity

The Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners come with a 30L capacity, making them capable of meeting the demand for sufficient storage to house the trash generated in

domestic and commercial environments alike. They will hold the loads tossed into the bin for long without tearing, all through the collection process till the moment the waste is disposed of. You won’t have to worry about it tearing as the trash is lifted off the bin, hence your premises are safe.

2. Green

With the Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners, you can also implement an orderly waste management system. Here is where the different items of the trash get separated to enable efficient disposal. Green is usually meant for items that can be composted, especially those from gardening activities, such as grass cutting, hedge trimmings and shrub pruning, weeds, plants and leaves that have been collected, all through to those flowers that were cut down. The specific designation you give your Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners is determined by the requirements of your establishment, plus the program used by the institution or company providing you with garbage collection services.

3. Environmentally friendly

Our daily activities have an impact on the environment- whether positive or negative. Individually, the impact may appear miniscule, but collectively, it is colossal. Look at

dumping waste for instance. Of the waste that a person produces every day, an average of 2.3 pounds of it ends up in landfills. It’s constantly piling up, leading to various environmental concerns. From toxic gases being generated, to those like methane that have impacts on global warming and are an outright fire-hazard, leaching that gets to the ground water

and pollutes it, to the plastics that stay for ages without decomposing thus affecting soil’s structure, they are a source of concern. Speaking of methane, did you know that it is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide in the short term, which gradually reduces to the 20s, which is still a threat? It is mainly produced as a result of the anaerobic decomposition of the organic matter in the landfills, since the bacteria are unable to access oxygen on account of being covered in layers upon layers of waste. Hence, we each have a role to play in ensuring that the waste ending up in landfills is reduced, for the benefit of future generations

who are literally depending on us to make the right decisions. The Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners enable you to manage the waste in your establishment without endangering the biodiversity in the locations where it will be dumped. The bags are 100% biodegradable. Microorganisms in the environment will completely break them down, which has the additional benefit of releasing the organic matter that’s in the waste back into the environment, further enhancing it. Hence, you get to eliminate waste while still reducing your green footprint.

4. Economical

The Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners are priced with cost efficiency in mind. Coming at an affordable cost, you get to make savings right from the onset. You get 50

bags per roll, hence each purchase serves you for long in your residential or commercial

establishment. With a 30L capacity, it means that you won’t keep being forced to empty the bin due to it getting full fast. The size means that lots of trash can go into the Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners before it needs to be replaced. Moreover, with each one’s high strength, there won’t be a need of double bagging it, hence you obtain full value from each of the Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners.


Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners

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