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Waste Watchers | Shredinator Body | Executive Grey

€52.15 Ex Tax: €42.40

Waste Watchers | Shredinator Body | Executive Grey

  • Professional universal plastic bin suitable for all types of commercial use

  • Manufactured from heavy duty plastic components, available in 3 sizes

  • It can be used with or without a plastic bag, very slim and compact shape

  • The bin is manufactured from shock and chemical resistant components

  • Use it with dry waste, use it with semi dry waste or use it with wet waste

  • Depending on size, we have a bag from Earth2Earth to fit all our waste bins

  • It will work great in bars, restaurants, gyms, public buildings, schools, etc

  • Use the most appropriate size to reduce servicing and regular maintenance

  • Available in 60 L, 76 L and the large 87 L, all available in a light grey colour

Waste Watchers | Shredinator Body | Executive Grey - Why use

This is a very popular type of bin that is suitable for all types of residential use or commercial use. There is a small sized bin that would suit all residential & light commercial use, then there is a medium sized bin that will fit all commercial & light industrial use and there is the large one that is highly appreciated by the hospitality industry. A well manufactured bin that will last for many years even when used for heavy duty commercial use.

Waste Watchers | Shredinator Body | Executive Grey - Where to use

If you are on the market for a professional quality plastic bin suitable for all types of waste disposal and if you are looking for a plastic bin that is fitted with special handles to facilitate easy emptying, then you should consider the new Waste Watchers | Shredinator Body | Executive Grey. This plastic bin is perfect for all types of residential, commercial and industrial use. The bin is fitted with special bag holders to facilitate easy bag installation. Because of the different sizes, not all bins are the same size so each size will work with a different bin liner. Also, it is important what type of waste you are likely to deposit in the bin. We can recommend the most appropriate bag for your particular needs.

Waste Watchers | Shredinator Body | Executive Grey - How to use

You will receive your new Waste Watchers | Shredinator Body | Executive Grey ready to use. No assembly required. Select the most appropriate bag, install it inside the bin and you are ready to go. The bin can be fitted in the canteen/kitchen areas, on the corridors, in the lobby, around the door access areas, etc. Create a daily maintenance routine based on usage and traffic. From time to time replace the full bag with an empty one.

Use premium quality bins from Earth2Earth. All our bins are manufactured locally by Earth2Earth.

Waste Watchers | Shredinator Body | Executive Grey

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