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Wire Sack Holder Large

  • Premium quality wire sack holder suitable for commercial & industrial use

  • Manufactured from heavy duty metal bars painted with rust protector | seal

  • 70 L volume, 900 mm by 510 mm, fits all 26” x 44” bags , black paint coated

  • Designed for durability, affordably priced

  • The new Wire Sack Holder Large is suitable for building sites, factories, etc

  • You can find cheaper ones on the market but not as good quality as ours

  • It saves space and it can fit in all narrow corners, corridors, canteens, halls

  • It can be used indoors and outdoors, wet or dry waste, chemical resistant

  • Check out our amazing range of degradable, compostable & recycled bags

Wire Sack Holder Large | Why Use It

Unlike fancy pedal bins or other types of plastic bins, this product is more durable, cheaper and it can be used indoors and outdoors. The product is manufactured from 100% recyclable components and has a very low environmental impact. It can be used for collecting all kinds of waste at concerts, festivals, school halls, sport rooms, public buildings, commercial kitchens, restaurants, etc. It can hold a great amount of waste without the frame being stretched.

Wire Sack Holder Large | Where To Use It

This product is suitable for heavy duty commercial and industrial use. Due to its large size and its commercial looking design, the new Wire Sack Holder Large is not suitable for domestic use. The idea of this product is to be easy to use, quick to set up and to be able to hold a lot of wet and dry waste. The ideal support for industrial and commercial waste collection. Replacing the bag should not take longer than 5 seconds and there is no specific training required. If there is an area where waste collection is required but there is no need to use fancy plastic bags, then the new Wire Sack Holder Large is a great option. Many restaurants and the catering industry love this product.

Wire Sack Holder Large | How To Use

The new Wire Sack Holder Large is compatible with all 26 x 44” plastic bags from all manufacturers. The 26”x 44” is the standard Irish size for bags. 

  1. Remove one bag from the roll

  2. Insert the bag through the opening

  3. Stretch the head of the bag until it fits tight on the circle holder head

  4. Start collecting waste

It is essential to select the most appropriate bag. It all depends on the type of waste likely to be deposited in it. If there is a lot of drinking and there will be many heavy bottles disposed of, a thick bag from 40 micron up should be used. For light general waste you can use any plastic bag from 20 micron up. Once in a while the area should be inspected and the bag emptied if required. To extend the life of your Wire Sack Holder Large please do not deposit construction materials on it or highly corrosive chemicals. 

If you are on the market for a new Wire Sack Holder Large, check out our full range of products. We can also provide you with all degradable and compostable plastic bags required. If you are looking for special tools and equipment for any kind of event, we are likely to have it in stock. We also sell all kinds of gloves, litter pickers, masks, etc.  Place your order online today and receive your items within 48 hours. 

Wire Sack Holder Large

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