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60cm Hygiene Broom | Combi Soft / Medium

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: NHB16
  • Availability: 8
€37.96 Ex Tax: €30.86

60 Cm Hygiene Broom | Combi Soft / Medium

  • High quality large plastic broom manufactured to “food safety standard” requirements

  • Suitable for sweeping large floor areas, commercial, factories, bakeries, etc

  • The broom is compatible with the aluminum socket mop handle, 4 different colors

  • It can be used for dry or wet sweeping in conjunction with any kind of chemicals

  • Unaffected by heat, shock resistant and manufactured from heavy duty plastic

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, color coded to prevent cross contamination

  • One of the very few “food safe” brooms available in Ireland & the UK

  • Due to its incredible durability, the new 60 Cm Hygiene Broom is highly cost effective

  • Paying a bit more for a product that is certified for the food industry is always worth it

60 Cm Hygiene Broom | Combi Soft / Medium | Why use it

While there are a number of plastic brooms out there, some much cheaper, none of them are “food safe” certified and none of them are made from the same high quality materials. The new 60 Cm Hygiene Broom | Combi Soft / Medium is the ideal broom for the food processing and food preparation industry. This product is unaffected by heat, harsh chemicals or prolonged use. It was designed for heavy duty industrial use. 

60 Cm Hygiene Broom | Combi Soft / Medium | Where to use

This large medium-soft broom is suitable for cleaning large floor areas like large corridors, warehouses, factory floors, changing rooms, kitchen floors and restaurant floors, etc. The bristles are soft enough to be able to collect even the finest grain of dust but hard enough to be able to push larger debris. The product can be used for indoor and outdoor sweeping and floor maintenance projects. It can fit easily into narrow spaces, it is very lightweight and also very versatile. A proper well made commercial, industrial and residential sweeping broom.

60 Cm Hygiene Broom | Combi Soft / Medium | How to use

The broom is sold without a handle so the first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a handle ready before proceeding to clean. The new 60 Cm Hygiene Broom | Combi Soft / Medium is available in 4 distinct colors to be used in all areas with high risk of cross contamination. You can use a color coded handle as well. Join the handle with the broom and you are ready to go. Use the broom for your daily sweeping or it can be used on a wet floor surface for scrubbing and grout cleaning. The new 60 Cm Hygiene Broom | Combi Soft / Medium works great on safety floors, tile floors, plastic smooth floors or on a patio floor. The bristles of this particular broom are manufactured in such a way that it does not allow dirt to deposit between it.

If you are on the market for a proper quality, food safe broom, you should definitely consider the new 60 Cm Hygiene Broom | Combi Soft / Medium.

60 Cm Hygiene Broom | Combi Soft / Medium

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