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Ettore Scrub Flo Brush

  • Ettore Scrub Flo Brush is a heavy duty brush suitable for scrubbing all surfaces

  • Can be used with Ettore Flo handle to scrub and wash surfaces with ease

  • Manufactured from heavy duty components, lightweight, ergonomic and durable

  • Can be used to scrub patios, footpaths, concrete, dash & rendered walls, roofs

  • Highly recommended for cleaning gutters and algae infested roof tiles & panels

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic use, shock resistant and chemical safe

  • The brush can be attached to all Ettore Reach Aluminium poles for high reach

Ettore Scrub Flo Brush - Where to use

A hard bristle scrubbing brush from Ettore. It can be attached to the Ettore Flo Handle and it can be used with a water feed system. The brush can be used to wash walls, patios, footpaths, garden sheds, brick walls & roofs. It will break dirt apart with ease while the water feed system will quickly wash waste away. If you are planning to scrub high surfaces, you can attach the Ettore Scrub Flo Brush to Ettore Reach Aluminium Poles and you can go up to 7.5 m. Suitable for commercial and domestic use. 

Ettore Scrub Flo Brush - How to use

The best way to use it is to connect it to Ettore Flo Brush and connect the handle to your garden hose. The brush can be used wet or dry. Apply the chemicals needed for cleaning (if required), allow a few min to work, put the tap on and start scrubbing and rinsing in one easy go. The Ettore Scrub Flo Brush is perfect for cleaning domestic gardens and walls. The water that comes through the handle will be distributed evenly throughout the brush head. Ettore Scrub Flo Brush is chemical safe and manufactured from shock resistant components.

To achieve professional results with as little effort as possible, you need to use proper tools and equipment. Try the new Ettore Scrub Flo Brush today.

Ettore Scrub Flo Brush

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