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Grout Scrub With Swivel Connector

  • Heavy duty grout scrubbing brush suitable for commercial and domestic use

  • It will fit inside the grout line and it will break apart dirt residue/buildup

  • The grout scrub is compatible with a Colour Coded Aluminium Handle

  • Reduces workload and increases productivity dramatically, very light

  • It will fit inside grout line from 0.2 cm up to 1 cm, available in 4 colours

  • Manufactured from shock resistant & chemical resistant tough plastic 

  • No more need for buffers or other heavy duty grout cleaning equipment

Grout Scrub With Swivel Connector - Where to use

This handy little tool is a god send within the floor cleaning industry. It reduces the need for using harsh chemicals or heavy duty industrial cleaning equipment. It provides outstanding results all the time, regardless of the condition of the grout. It is compatible with the Colour Coded Aluminium Handle. Suitable for indoor and outdoor grout cleaning projects. It can be used to clean natural stone grout, concrete grout, mortar grout, smooth or rough surfaces. The grout cleaner can be used with hot or cold water or in conjunction with acidic floor cleaning products. Recommended for domestic and commercial grout cleaning projects.

Grout Scrub With Swivel Connector - How to use

Connect the Grout Scrub With Swivel Connector to a Colour Coded Aluminium Handle. Apply some type of cleaning agent to soften up the dirt on the grout and start scrubbing the grout with the Grout Scrub With Swivel Connector. Keep the handle at an angle and push the grout cleaning brush up and down the grout lines. Repeat the operation a few times then remove the waste. Any type of impregnated dirt will break apart. The brush is known to last for very long periods of time even when used daily. When working in narrow areas or around the edges, you can use the grout brush without the handle.

Do not waste your money on cheap, inefficient grout brushes. Try our new Grout Scrub With Swivel Connector today and achieve spectacular results without a lot of effort.

Grout Scrub With Swivel Connector

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