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Hand Scrub 14 Cm

  • 14 Cm hand held brush suitable for all kinds of cleaning projects

  • Manufactured from heat resistant and shock resistant components

  • Highly appreciated by the carpet and sofa cleaning industry | trade

  • A semi hard scrubbing brush available in a wide range of colours

  • Suitable for light, medium and heavy duty cleaning projects

  • Can be used for wet or dry cleaning, with or without chemicals

  • Light, ergonomic, versatile, very well made and also affordable

  • One of the most cost effective scrubbing brushes available in Ireland

  • Also suitable for all types of outdoor cleaning and scrubbing projects

Hand Scrub 14 Cm | Why Use It

A low cost and highly efficient scrubbing brush suitable for commercial and residential cleaning projects. The new Hand Scrub 14 Cm costs about half that of the nearest competitor. A heat resistant heavy duty scrubbing brush that will enable the user to work faster and cheaper. The brush is unaffected by harsh chemicals. Many sofa cleaning & carpet cleaning companies use this brush on a daily basis. 

Hand Scrub 14 Cm| Where To Use

Universal scrubbing brush compatible with all water washable surfaces. The brush is hard enough to tackle heavy duty dirt residue but also soft enough to be compatible with sensitive fibers. A fine quality scrubbing brush designed for heavy duty use. The perfect size scrubbing brush that will fit in all narrow storage areas, all types of maid carry trays or any type of bucket. Due to its very light weight, the new Hand Scrub 14 Cm is suitable for prolonged vertical use. Its bristles are manufactured from very flexible plastic components and it won't lose its shape even after prolonged use or in conjunction with harsh chemicals. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well. Basically, a scrubbing brush for all your cleaning needs.

Hand Scrub 14 Cm | How To Use

You will need to assess the job requirements and prepare a strategy. Some surfaces might require pre-spray. Apply the cleaning product required, allow direct contact for up to 5 min and then use the new Hand Scrub 14 Cm to scrub the surface. Apply medium pressure on sensitive surfaces (polished floors or fibers) and apply hard pressure on the grout lines or when cleaning vertical surfaces. The new Hand Scrub 14 Cm is suitable for dry cleaning (no water or chemicals) or for wet cleaning (used on wet surfaces). Bear in mind to use hand protection when using harsh chemicals. Some surfaces might require a number of cleanings before the surface will show noticeable results. 

If you are on the market for a fine quality Hand Scrub 14 Cm, then you should check out our new range of scrubbing brushes. We can help you out with soft, medium & hard scrubbing brushes from a number of different brands. Place your order online and receive your goods within 48 hours. Our range of scrubbing brushes are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use. 

Hand Scrub 14 Cm

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